Career Advancement Center Blog Series

May 03, 2013

By Mallory Meiser

CEO and cofounder of Go Overseas Mitch Gordon, director and founder of The Pie News Amy Baker, former NAFSA Board of Directors member Ellen Badger, social media gurus Mandy Reinig and Mackenzie Hizon. These are just a few of the faces you can find at NAFSA's Career Advancement Center during the annual conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

The Career Advancement Center at NAFSA's Annual Conference & Expo has traditionally been a hub for job seekers and employers, providing a venue for international educators to find their professional match. This year, in addition to the usual spread of résumé reviewing, employer information sessions, and knowledge community roundtables, the Career Advancement Center has reached out to some of the leading professionals in the field to host open meetings on topics pertinent to all career levels in international education. Recent graduates, mid-career professionals, and international educators reaching retirement will all find information and resources to help them realize their career goals.

This week we kick off a series of career-oriented blog posts to introduce a few of our presenters and the topics they will cover in St. Louis. John Wilkerson, chair-designate of NAFSA's Regional Affairs Committee, begins this series with a word about his travel advice session. Stay tuned next week for How to Start a Company in International Education and Making Social Media Work for You: Utilizing Social Media in the Job Search.

Road Warriors: Travel Like You Own the Skies

By John Wilkerson, University of Missouri and Andy Fraher, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

What should I pack? When's the best time to buy a ticket to Bangkok Is that a good hotel? What do I do to get on that flight? These are questions you're either likely to hear or to pose if you're working in international education. Understanding the complexities of travel is helpful to your career, whether it's you or your students who are holding a boarding pass. Just like travel programs such as Skyteam, oneWorld, Star Alliance, Marriott Rewards, Hilton Honors, Priority Club are more than upgrades, and access to concierge clubs, becoming a road warrior involves more than a pocket full of airline miles and hotel points. We will explore the ways these programs can benefit your travel budget, increase scheduling flexibility, and make the most of your travel experience while abroad.

If you can provide the onboard airplane safety announcements in stride with the flight crew, you're what's commonly referred to in the travel world as a “road warrior.” Anyone who's been elbowed while waiting in line to board a plane, or sat in the hotel lobby waiting for a cleaning crew to take weeks to clean a 12x14 guest room, understands why life on the road can sometimes feel like a day spent in an arena with a bunch of hungry lions. Fortunately, there are some useful defense tactics that can help international educators put on the armor of a well-trained gladiator, without requiring additional screening at the airport security checkpoint.

Whether a five-star road warrior, or a newly commissioned soldier, the tips we'll share can help you make sense of packing, planning, contingencies, and travel rewards. Come with questions, tips of your own, and a passion for travel, but leave your gladiator costume at home. It's not that kind of conference.

Which presentation are you most looking forward to this year? What areas of your career could use more guidance?

Hear from John and Andy in person Thursday, May 30, from 1:30 p.m.-2:15 p.m. in the Career Advancement Center at NAFSA's Annual Conference & Expo.

For a full schedule of events visit the Career Advancement Center's Annual Conference page.