Global Learning Initiatives


Explore the online and in-person programs developed by NAFSA to help faculty, scholars, researchers, and academic leaders strengthen their understanding of global learning and enhance global learning initiatives at their institutions.

NAFSA Architecture for Global Learning
Architecture for Global Learning is a professional enrichment series designed for faculty, scholars, administrators, and other international educators seeking to develop and enhance global learning initiatives at their institutions.

Global Learning Colloquia
Faculty, academic leaders, and international educators come together to explore global learning in disciplinary and cross-disciplinary contexts.

Seminar on Peace and Global Civil Society
Come together with preeminent peacebuilders to explore how to incorporate the ideals, theories, and practices of peacebuilding into educational programming.

NAFSA Research Symposium
The NAFSA Research Symposium brings together researchers and scholars in the field of international education and related disciplines, and provides an opportunity to share theories, methodologies, and practices.