Cassandra Pyle Award for Leadership and Collaboration in International Education and Exchange


2017 National Award for Leadership Nominations Submission Dates: Oct 1, 2016 – Jan 15, 2017 (late submissions will not be accepted)

Cassandra Pyle was a leader in the field of international education and exchange for more than 25 years, serving in positions at the Council for International Exchange of Scholars, the American Council on Education, the Institute of International Education, and the University of Chicago. She served as president of NAFSA from 1978-79. Pyle also served on U.S. and international boards including the U.S. National Commission on UNESCO and the Council on Foreign Relations. She was well known worldwide as a champion of international relations and a leader in fostering better international understanding through collaboration.

The Cassandra Pyle Award for Leadership and Collaboration in International Educational Exchange honors the contributions of an international educator to international exchange on a global scale. This award extends NAFSA's recognition of international exchange efforts beyond the organization and the profession in the United States to include exchange work around the world. The Awardee will have had a lengthy commitment to the field as demonstrated by leadership positions in, and significant contributions to, organizations that foster international exchange.

Nomination Criteria

To be considered for the Cassandra Pyle Award, a nominee must have at least 15 years of experience in international education, an appreciable portion of which should be in policymaking positions in organizations or institutions with a recognized role in international educational exchange. The award is open to international educators worldwide. Nominees need not be NAFSA members.

Nominees must have made documented contributions in the following areas:

  • Fostering collaborative relationships among individuals and organizations within or outside the United States, leading to greater opportunities for educational exchange participants or practitioners
  • Conceptualizing, initiating, and managing international education programs of a significant scale
  • Helping practitioners with diverse ideas and approaches to reach agreement on new or improved international education programs
  • Mentoring of younger professionals, helping them advance in their careers in international education
  • Acknowledgment by peers as an important contributor to transformational program and policy development in the field of international educational exchange

Nomination Procedures

The primary nominator must be a NAFSA member. Nominations must present clear evidence of the nominee's achievements in the areas mentioned above.

Nominations must be supported by a minimum of three additional letters, each from an individual representing a different institution or organization and each addressing a different perspective on the nominee’s accomplishments. Letters of support may be from NAFSA members or members of any other association of international educators.

Individuals may not self-nominate.

The nomination process is confidential.

As recommended by the NAFSA Board of Directors, no more than one name shall be put forth each year for the Cassandra Pyle Award.

Please note that nominations that do not comply with the award criteria or nomination procedures will not be considered.

Submit a Nomination

To nominate a candidate for the Cassandra Pyle Award please send a letter in PDF format detailing the nominee’s qualifications for the award to . Note that nominations will not be considered without a primary nomination letter and three additional nomination letters sent to by January 15th.

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