Homer Higbee Award Recipients


Homer Higbee Award recognizes NAFSAns currently involved in association activities who have donated at least 10 years of distinguished service to NAFSA and who have acted as mentors to colleagues in all aspects of the field.

2016 Recipient

Homer Higbee Award WinnerAdria L. Baker, EdD, associate vice-provost for international education at Rice University, has served as NAFSA Region III Chair; volunteer coach for regional chair cohort; Local Arrangement Committee for the NAFSA Annual Conference in Houston; trainer of NAFSA workshops; member of the J-1 NAFSA Subcommittee; presenter at annual, regional, and state conferences; and presenter in Collegial Conversations online. Additionally, she has received the Region III Outstanding Service to International Education Award and been named NAFSA Advocate of the Year.

Previous Recipients

  • Sara Thurston-González, PhD, Kansas State University
  • Joy Stevenson
  • Masume Assaf, Penn State
  • Rose Mary Valencia, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
  • Anita Gaines, University of Houston
  • Janice Bogen, Thomas Jefferson University
  • Patti Jones, Western Illinois University
  • Peter Briggs, Michigan State University
  • Evelyn Levinson, American University
  • Bill Barnhart, University of Utah
  • Marvin J. Baron, University of California-Berkeley
  • Marian Beane, University of North Carolina-Charlotte
  • Rosalie H. Berg, Columbia Council for Internationals
  • Jon V.C. Booth, University of Minnesota
  • M. Archer Brown, NAFSA
  • Patricia Byrd, Georgia State University
  • Denise Connerty, Temple University
  • Catheryn Cotten, Duke University Medical Center
  • Jean Delaney, University of Colorado-Boulder
  • Stephen C. Dunnett, SUNY at Buffalo
  • James Frey, Educational Credential Evaluators
  • Heidi Gregori-Gahan, University of Southern Indiana
  • James R. Graham, Colorado State University
  • G. James Haas, Indiana University/Purdue University
  • David Horner, Michigan State University
  • Dr. William W. Hoffa, Amherst College
  • Clayton Hubbs, Transitions Abroad
  • Ann Kuhlman, Yale University
  • John Pearson, Stanford University
  • Kenneth A. Rogers, Indiana University-Bloomington
  • Michael Smithee, Syracuse University
  • Kay Thomas, University of Minnesota-Minneapolis
  • Robert Watkins, University of Texas-Austin
  • Jerry D. Wilcox, Cornell University
  • Valerie Woolston, University of Maryland-College Park

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