Nomination Criteria & Instructions: Lily von Klemperer Award


The Lily von Klemperer Award seeks to recognize people who "brought other [education abroad professionals] along" in the field and who maintain the highest standards of professional ethics while sharing their skills, knowledge, and expertise with all colleagues.

Criteria for Selecting Lily von Klemperer Nominees

Any member of NAFSA who has been professionally active in the field of education abroad between five and 15 years is eligible to be nominated. People serving in elected positions on the education abroad team, however, are ineligible for nomination throughout their actual terms of office, and former SECUSSA and education abroad chairs remain permanently ineligible.

Nomination Procedures

All education abroad NAFSA members are invited to initiate nominations for the award each year. Three confidential nomination letters must be received for each individual: one letter from the "primary nominator" plus two other letters of support. The primary nominator must provide:

  1. Basic biographical and professional information for the nominee; and
  2. The names of the two additional people writing in support of the nomination.

The primary nominator is responsible for ensuring that the two supporting letters are received by the deadline date. All nominations and supporting materials (which may be transmitted via e-mail, fax, or traditional mailing methods) should be sent by the deadline to:

1307 New York Ave. NW 8th floor
Washington, DC 20005
Fax: 202.767.3657

Nominations are reviewed by the Education Abroad Awards Working Group (appointed by the education abroad national team), and its recommendation is sent to the chair of the education abroad national team for approval. The LvK Award is presented at the annual Education Abroad Update Meeting at the NAFSA annual conference each year. (All nominees, successful or not, for whom complete nomination packages have been received by the deadline date will be informed of that fact prior to the conference.)


Criteria & Instructions

Deadline: May 1, 2018

Send applications to:

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The Education Abroad Leadership Award is given to members whose records of distinguished service to the education abroad profession exceeds 15 years.