H-1B Visas Maxed Out Cited as Dysfunction in the U.S. Broken Immigration System

Statement by Marlene M. Johnson, Executive Director and CEO of NAFSA


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WASHINGTON, April 8, 2014 – Yesterday, exactly one week from the beginning of FY2015 H-1B cap filing season, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services announced the U.S. ran out of "high-skilled" visas (H-1B visas). The following is a statement by Marlene M. Johnson, executive director and CEO of NAFSA:

"Temporary work statuses, like the H-1B visa, have become increasingly important to the U.S. immigration process due to insufficient quantity of green cards available each year. Reaching this arbitrary cap in only five days is yet another example of the dysfunction in our broken immigration system, and why international educators continue to call upon Congress to pass commonsense immigration reform. We know that the only way to keep our economy and higher education institutions globally competitive is to have an immigration system that expands our ability to attract and retain the world's talented students and scholars to our colleges and universities.

"In the past 10 years, the United States lost 10% of its market share of globally mobile students to countries with friendlier immigration policies such as Canada. By making simple but urgent fixes such as increasing the amount of green cards available, extending dual intent for foreign students, and allowing the Secretary of State to wisely focus consular resources abroad, we can continue to benefit from all that talented foreign students and scholars have to offer."

Read more about NAFSA's priorities for immigration reform at www.nafsa.org/113thcongress.