2016 Expo Sales - Frequently Asked Questions


Why do we have to book our booth so much earlier than in previous years?

NAFSA has moved up our Expo booth sales period to be more in line with industry standards. The new timeline will allow NAFSA to deliver a better conference experience for our exhibitors and attendees.

When is my 2016 Expo Booth booking meeting?

You should have received a meeting request from a NAFSA representative. If you need a second request, please contact oa@nafsa.org.

Where will my booking meeting take place?

Your meeting will take place in meeting room N1 or N2 in the Expo Hall. The rooms are located beneath the sky walk along the right wall of the Expo Hall between booths 2823 and 2830.

What will take place during my meeting?

You will sit down with a NAFSA representative and book your booth through NAFSA's new and improved online exhibits portal. You will reserve the best space for you using our dynamic 2016 Expo Floor map. Our representative will be on hand to answer questions about process, location, and other available options.

Who should attend my Expo Booth booking meeting?

Whoever traditionally books your exhibit booth should attend the meeting. If your Expo booth contact is unable to attend the meeting, you can send any team member with purchasing authority.

When will I have to pay for my booth?

All exhibitors will be required to submit a 20% deposit for their booth upon reserving their space. An additional 30% deposit will be due by August 31, 2015. Payment in full for exhibit booth space is due January 11, 2016.

I'm an associate, what if I can't pay for my booth on-site?

All global associates will be invoiced for their 20% deposit due June 30, 2015 on-site during the conference. If paying by credit card, associates will be expected to pay their deposit on-site. If paying by check or wire transfer, payment will be due within 30 days following the conference.

Any global partner who has not paid their first 20% deposit by June 30, 2015 will forfeit their space and their selection will be returned to the general inventory for non-global partner exhibitors to reserve.

What if I can't attend my Expo Booth meeting during the time I've been assigned?

If you are unable to send a team member to book your booth during the assigned meeting time, you can inquire about any openings later in the week or can set up a call with a NAFSA representative following the conference. However, booth space will be reserved throughout the conference week and you could miss out on your first choice location.

How should I prepare for my meeting?

Prior to the conference, your organization should determine the amount of booth space you would like to reserve and your budget. Before your meeting, we suggest that you visit the NAFSA website and look at the available booth space on NAFSA's dynamic Expo Floor plan and select at least three locations you may want.

Why are there already large booths blocked off on the Expo Floor plan?

This year, NAFSA has created pre-existing booth configurations based on past years designs and placements. We have done this to help make selecting booth sizes and locations easier. The formation of the floor plan has been specially arranged to maximize attendee flow in the Expo Hall.

Can I break apart and/or request custom configurations not already included in the floor plan?

Certainly! NAFSA's Expo Floor is completely customizable. The existing configurations are only there to help make selecting space easier.