2018 Sponsorship Descriptions

Annual Conference & ExpoNAFSA 2019 Proposals

Sponsor merchandise or an event at the NAFSA 2018 Annual Conference & Expo to give your organization, product, or service unmatched exposure to a large and motivated buying audience. Conference attendees include high-level decision makers and frontline staff who inform purchase decisions and use your products and services.

As a conference sponsor, you receive special benefits that help you increase brand visibility and make a lasting impression.


Colloquia on Internationalizing Education - $20,000 each
Multiple colloquia explore strategies and programs to internationalize the curricula of professional schools. Attendees discuss the implications and outcomes of internationalized programs. Sponsorship of the events offers extensive branding and networking opportunities with deans and faculty from U.S. and international programs. This opportunity includes pre-conference promotion and acknowledgment in conference colloquium materials and any materials that may be created post-conference.

  • Global Health
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and Design (STEAM'D)
  • Forum on Global Learning
  • Business Education

Tuesday Opening Plenary - $75,000
The most attended event at conference, the Opening Plenary attracts more 6,000 people annually. Sponsors are recognized in all print, web, and video material related to the event in addition to receiving air time at the event prior to the address.

Wednesday Plenary
One of the highest profile events at conference, the Wednesday plenary draws a crowd of around 4,000 people. Sponsors are recognized in all print, web, and video material related to the event in addition to receiving air time at the event prior to the address.

Thursday Plenary
Another coveted conference event, the Thursday plenary regularly attracts more than 4,000 attendees. Sponsors are recognized in all print, web, and video material related to the event in addition to receiving air time at the event prior to the address.

Friday Plenary - $20,000
An average of 2,000 people attend the final plenary event of the conference. Sponsors are recognized in all print, web, and video material related to the event in addition to receiving air time at the event prior to the address.

Opening Celebration - $65,000
This conference wide networking reception and celebration brings together nearly 5,000 conference attendees for a high-energy, large-scale event. Often featuring high-profile entertainment, sponsors receive extensive branding through event marketing and promotions. Sponsor is also included in on-site, event signage and may provide materials to attendees.

Closing Celebration - $10,000
Set the stage for your participation at the next NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo at this well attended networking and showcase event. Sponsors are recognized in conference and promotional material and can provide marketing material and address participants at lunch.

Community College Day - $15,000
Welcome and participate with the network of Community Colleges at this invitation-only event. Sponsors are recognized in conference and promotional material and can provide marketing material and address participants at lunch.

Expert Speaker Series - $10,000
Occurring throughout the conferee, up to eight invited experts discuss global topics impacting (and impacted by) international education. Sponsor has the opportunity to distribute materials, brand all event promotions, and receive acknowledgement prior to each presentation.

Expo Hall Refreshment Lounge - $7,500
Finding it difficult to plan an event at your booth? Let NAFSA do the planning for you! By sponsoring one of NAFSA’s three lounges, you and your team can engage dozens of potential new clients and partners in an exclusively branded area on the Expo Hall floor. Receive exclusive branding rights, distribute marketing materials, and be recognized as a conference sponsor.

Knowledge Community Networking Package - $9,000 per package
A combination sponsorship opportunity that merges high-level impact from a Monday Night Networking Reception with continued and constant exposure throughout the week with a KC Networking Center for maximum visibility. Sponsors are recognized in conference and promotional material and in on-site signage.

  • International Student and Scholar Services
  • Education Abroad
  • International Education Leadership
  • International Enrollment Management
  • Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship

Latin America Forum - $12,500
NAFSA's premiere event related to international education and exchange in Latin America. Participants learn opportunities and best practices for developing partnerships in the region while hearing from experts talking about current and future trends. As a sponsor, you can brand the event, address the participants, and provide materials.

Africa Forum
Sponsor this signature event designed to help educators broaden their knowledge of international education and exchange with Africa. Participants listen to experts speak on internationalization efforts in the regions and meet with higher education leaders from African institutions. Sponsor can brand the event, address participants, provide materials, and consult on program content.

Management Development Program - $20,000
Brand this comprehensive three-day event focusing on key international education management skills and strategies for new and current leaders of international programs. Sponsors receive branding in event promotions, marketing, and materials. Sponsors may welcome attendees, participate in discussions, and provide materials.

Member Interest Luncheon - $5,000 (per lunch)
These catered conference lunches bring together diverse leaders and advocates to discuss and dialogue about a wide range of special issues relating to international education. Participate in conversations surrounding community colleges, peace and justice, women's rights, and more. Welcome attendees, distribute attendees, and brand event promotions.

Newcomers Orientation - $10,000
Join NAFSA's president and CEO on stage to welcome more than 1,500 conference attendees who are new to NAFSA. Sponsors receive the opportunity to welcome the participants, provide materials, and brand the event in marketing materials and onsite.

New Century Circle Appreciation Breakfast - $5,000
Join NAFSA's president and CEO as a speaker during this exclusive breakfast event. Attended by high-level NAFSA members, current and former presidents, and members of NAFSA's Board of Directors, this event is an opportune way to engage with leaders in the association and the field. Welcome attendees, distribute materials, and brand event promotions.

Presidents and Provosts Summit at NAFSA 2018
Welcome and participate with the network of U.S. and international university and college president, provosts, and rectors at this by-invitation-only event. Recognition in promotional materials, ability to provide materials at luncheon, and option to address guests at the event.

Annual Conference Fundraising Match - starting at $7,500
Show your support for NAFSA and the field by providing a matching contribution for all gifts to NAFSA's Annual Conference Campaign. All proceeds support NAFSA's Diversity Impact Program. Matching sponsors receive acknowledgment on all fundraising campaign marketing including print and digital media. Sponsor also receives acknowledgment in thank you letters to all campaign donors.

Seminar on Peace and the Global Civil Society
One of NAFSA's newest and more prolific programs, the seminar discusses the implications of international education on peace, justice, and post-conflict reconstruction. Sponsors receive recognition in all conference materials, on event signage, and in all other promotional materials.

Symposium on Leadership - $20,000
Pre-conference half-day event offers extensive branding and networking opportunities with senior decision makers in international education. Recognition appears in pre-conference promotion and post-symposium materials.

Secondary School Assembly - $12,500
Attendees gather to learn about cutting-edge best practices that exemplify secondary school international student learning, orientation, and recruitment. Gain exclusive access to professionals in the secondary school market and position your organization as a leader in this space. Sponsor receives branding in event promotions, marketing, and materials with the opportunity to briefly address participants of this new and dynamic program.


Career Center - $15,000
A very popular destination, attendees visit the Career Center to network, attend sessions, and advance their careers. Recognition appears in conference and promotional materials as well as the opportunity to place your own materials in the Career Center.

Conference Hospitality/Information Center
This information hub is centrally located in a highly trafficked area and open pre-conference through Friday. Use this highly visible branding opportunity to display promotional materials. Recognition appears in conference materials.

Convention Center Wi-Fi
Sponsor brand adorns the Wi-Fi landing page, ensuring visibility dozens of times over with thousands of conference attendees. Acknowledgement appears in NAFSA conference publications, on website, and on-site signage.

Conference App
Essential for every conference attendee, the NAFSA Conference App allows users to stay connected throughout the week. Sponsor receives exclusive access to banner ads on the app homepage and the app splash screen, providing thousands of impressions over the course of several weeks.


Tote Bag
Sponsor logo is imprinted prominently on one side of the official conference bag provided to every conference attendee. Your brand and messaging will be seen from the conference floor to the host city streets, airports, and back at the home office or campus.

Badge Holder
Every attendee is required to wear a badge holder with the sponsor logo prominently displayed above every name. Recognition appears in conference and promotional material.

Note Planner
Provided in every conference tote bag, the notepad is a great way to provide marketing material while providing a useful tool for attendees. Recognition appears in conference and promotional material plus additional branding for the notepad.

Water Bottle
Platinum-level sponsorship allows the sponsor to place their logo on the conference water bottle that are provided to all conference attendees. In addition, the sponsor is recognized as a platinum-level sponsor in all promotional material (web, video, and print).

Conference Folder
Included in every conference tote bag, the folder shows the sponsor logo appears inside and as a full-page four-color ad on the back cover.

Conference Pin - $5,000
Limited release conference pin available to all conference attendees at the NAFSA Pavilion.