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Make Connections

make connectionsThe NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo is the must-attend international education event of the year because it provides international educators with one-on-one interactions with peers, partners, and senior leaders from across the globe.

NAFSA 2018 is your opportunity to connect face-to-face to share insights and advice; create lasting partnerships; and expand your professional learning community. Achieve your career success goals all year round using the powerful connections you make at the NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo each year.

NAFSA 2018 Mobile Conference App

NAFSA 2018 Mobile AppThe NAFSA 2018 Mobile Conference App and Online Planner make networking and agenda building easier. Start planning your NAFSA 2018 conference experience by downloading the NAFSA 2018 Mobile Conference App today.

  • Message and connect with attendees who are interested in networking
  • Search the full list of conference participants and exhibitors
  • Building your event, session, and meeting schedule

Build Partnerships

Discover new partnerships, resources, and technologies to help grow your programs and offerings inside the International Education Expo Hall, the largest of its kind in the field. Use the NAFSA 2018 mobile app to connect with exhibitors and set up times for face-to-face meetings. Take advantage of the dedicated expo hall time on Thursday, May 31, 10:15 a.m.-1:00 p.m., to connect with current and future partners.

Knowledge Community Networking Centers

Each knowledge community (KC) has a designated networking center to facilitate informal meeting and networking during the conference. The KC networking centers are open to all conference attendees. Networking centers hours are 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Monday, May 28 through Thursday, May 31, and 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., on Friday, June 1.

  • Education Abroad Networking Center
    Room 120A, Pennsylvania Convention Center
  • International Education Leadership Networking Center
    Room 120B,Pennsylvania Convention Center
  • International Enrollment Management Networking Center
    Room 121A , Pennsylvania Convention Center
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  • International Student and Scholar Services Networking Center
    Room 120C, Pennsylvania Convention Center
  • Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Networking Center
    Room 121B, Pennsylvania Convention Center

Mentoring Opportunities

Several knowledge communities offer programs to match attendees with experienced professionals in their field to maneuver the conference schedule of events, target important sessions, and get acquainted with colleagues in the field.


The NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo was an invaluable opportunity to network with domestic and international partners and create future opportunities for collaboration. Katy Lane, Texas A&M University