Member Interest Groups (MIGs)


NAFSA’s Member Interest Groups (MIGs) are a unique resource for NAFSA members and non-members. These 30+ groups, founded by members, value diversity and inclusion. Each MIG fosters information sharing and interest-specific resources. MIGs provide a personal and welcoming way to find your place at NAFSA and within the field of international education.

Member Interest Groups are:

  • Communities that support NAFSA members and non-members in their careers, studies, and research
  • Connections to a network of colleagues with similar interests
  • Resources that foster information sharing and professional and educational support
  • Connect by country or region
  • Engage with similar special interests that are connected to a professional or personal identity
  • Share within like institutions

Looking to engage with others at the same type of institution?

Looking to connect with others sharing an interest in a country or region?

Looking to share with others with similar professional or personal interests?

Join a MIG

To join any existing MIG, please login to Network.NAFSA and then navigate to the specific MIG’s page via the list below:

  • Select the “Communities” tab on the navigation bar
  • Select “Member Interest Groups” from the drop down
  • Select “Join” for the MIGs of interest

Be sure to update your preferred notification settings and learn more about how to navigate Network.NAFSA.

Create a MIG

To create a MIG, please review the MIG Handbook for current and prospective MIGs found in the sidebar (at the right) under MIG Resources. Also reference the NAFSA Standing Rules.