IEM International Enrollment Management and Other Discussion Forums


In May 2010, the International Enrollment Management (formerly RAP) knowledge community launched a new discussion forum specifically focused on International Enrollment Management. The IEM discussion forum provides a place where international education professionals can gather virtually to

  • Discuss IEM strategy.
  • Share model practices of IEM implementation.
  • Discuss the relationship between IEM and other strategic initiatives.
  • Formulate ideas for new resources and conference sessions.
  • Otherwise advance the field of international education in this important area.

You can access the IEM and other discussion forums by logging into the NAFSA Web site and visiting any IEM network. If you are already subscribed to the network, click the Discussion Forums icon on the top of the page, and then select the discussion forum of interest to read your colleagues' postings or share your own ideas and questions. The IEM networks are:

Special Note About Network Forum E-mail Preferences

If you are currently subscribed to any IEM network, your preferences for the IEM discussion forum have been automatically set to Immediate E-mail.

Because discussion forum preferences are set by network, if at any time you change your discussion forum e-mail preferences for any IEM network, your preferences for the IEM discussion forum will change to match that new frequency (immediate, daily, weekly, or none).

Resources on international enrollment management are also available. Your participation in IEM discussions will help us expand and improve IEM resources and sessions in the coming year. We look forward to hearing from you.