Chair, Membership Engagement Committee

February 09, 2018 Download pdf


The chair of the MEC manages a committee that is responsible for engagement of members, supporting the Member Interest Groups (MIGs), recognition of members via national awards, and partnerships to foster the collaboration and promotion of NAFSA membership. The year as chair-elect is focused on partnering with and supporting the existing chair of MEC, before transitioning into that role in the second year. The year as chair is focused on leading the MEC committee through virtual and in-person meetings to achieve the assigned outcomes of the work plan, monitoring progress of MEC activities, and reporting progress to the Vice President for Professional Development and Engagement (VP PDE) throughout the year.

The committee recommends to the VP PDE the structures and initiatives for engagement of members in NAFSA. The committee also oversees support for the MIGs, as well as promotion and growth of the national awards program. The committee maintains outreach to member constituencies to understand the career needs of members and the value of NAFSA membership.

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