Chair-designate, Consular Affairs Liaison (CAL) Subcommittee Chair, EA RP Committee Member

February 10, 2012 Download pdf

This CAL Subcommittee is charged with building the capacity to liaise with consular offices and foreign government representatives to clarify/simplify education abroad visa policies and procedures.

The chair-designate will assist the current chair in managing the work of the CAL Subcommittee ensuring that the interests of the field are being well served and that the EA RP Committee assigned outcomes are met. The chair-designate is appointed by the vice president of public policy and practice.

The capacity to liaise is accomplished through the development of a country-based network of NAFSA volunteers. The working relationship between NAFSA volunteers and visa officers in the consulates of key countries, initially France, Italy, UK, and Spain, forms the basis of the network. The focus of these relationships will be mutual assistance. This will promote better communication, early warning of potential problems, and win-win problem resolution. In the event that special assistance is needed to sort out an emergency, these relationships will be invaluable. In addition, NAFSA staff will take the lead on developing liaisons with key embassies in Washington, DC.

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