Consular Affairs Liaison (CAL) Subcommittee Chair and Member-at-large Education Abroad Regulatory Practice (EA RP) Committee

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The CAL Subcommittee chair is responsible for advancing and monitoring the CAL Subcommittee activities and goals. In addition, the CAL Subcommittee chair serves on the EA RP. This committee is charged with identifying government-related practices and procedures that affect international educators, specifically those who work in education abroad.

Major Functions

  • Implement the CAL Subcommittee goals identified on the EA RP Committee work plan.
  • Review, approve, and appoint new members to the CAL Subcommittee, including consulting with country coordinators for consular liaison applications; contacting applicant and/or references to clarify qualifications; and notifying NAFSA to approve subcommittee membership or notify candidate that qualifications do not match subcommittee needs.
  • Seek applications for open positions through appropriate NAFSA and EA channels, including regional NAFSA listservs, professional contacts, and other appropriate venues.
  • Train country coordinators and consular liaisons via conference calls arranged by NAFSA staff.
  • Provide oversight and leadership to country coordinators and consular liaisons regarding the scope and details of their duties on the CAL Subcommittee.
  • Organize and lead annual CAL Subcommittee meeting each spring in Washington, D.C., and the CAL Subcommittee preconference meeting at the NAFSA annual conference.
  • Identify and encourage embassy relationships and consider new embassy connections for world-at-large countries.
  • Lead all-CAL conference call each fall to prepare for regional conferences, and foster CAL Subcommittee cohesion and offer quarterly conference calls as desired.
  • Monitor CAL Subcommittee web pages and workspace for accuracy, update documents, and work with NAFSA staff to ensure resources and information are posted in a timely fashion. Identify new areas for inclusion as necessary.
  • Monitor CAL Subcommittee workspace for accuracy, update documents, work with NAFSA staff to ensure that subscriber list is accurate.
  • Encourage use of CAL workspace listserv through regular communication with CAL Subcommittee members.
  • Prepare and submit visa session proposal for the NAFSA annual conference. Organize agenda, confirm country coordinator presenters, coordinate with invited embassy staff for breakout sessions, prepare PowerPoint, hold conference call with country coordinators to prepare for presentation.
  • Provide relevant CAL Subcommittee topics to be discussed at the Washington Leadership Meeting (WLM).
  • Address visa inaccuracies with U.S. airlines by requesting updates to national airline database on visa requirements.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the committee chair.

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