Management Development Program Trainer

March 15, 2016 Download pdf

NAFSA’s Management Development Program (MDP) equips managers with skills and knowledge to effectively lead their teams in times of ongoing change. The MDP is delivered annually at the NAFSA Annual Conference and during the summer by a trainer team comprising the MDP Chair and several co-trainers.

Functions and Responsibilities

  • Work collaboratively as a team member.
  • Participate in planning sessions as organized by the Lead Trainer via conference calls, e-mail, workspace, and on site.
  • Deliver program module with team.
  • Support delivery of co-trainers throughout modules.
  • Participate in post-conference debriefing sessions with the team.

Applications for this position are not currently being accepted.

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Upcoming Programs

May 27-29, 2018
Philadelphia, PA

Aug 6-8, 2018
Chicago, IL

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