Visa Education Subcommittee

January 19, 2016 Download pdf


The Visa Education Subcommittee Charge

  • Develop practices tools, such as sample forms, toolkits, etc.
  • Create outlines for regional and annual conference sessions and workshops.
  • Provide professional education to support education abroad administrators and advisers.
  • Create practice resources through a partnership effort with the Consular Affairs Liaison subcommittee of the EA-RP committee.

The full charge to the subcommittee is available to NAFSA members.

The Visa Education Subcommittee Members

Deborah Miller
Co-Chair Associate Director, Enrollment Services
Study Abroad
Boston University 

Jolie Roetter
Director of Global Learning Programs
American University 

Erin Greunke
Coordinator, Faculty-Led Study Abroad
Western Kentucky University

Rebecca Lukowski
Outbound Immigration Coordinator
New York University

Helen Newman
Assistant Director, Outbound Immigration Services

Sarah Langston
Content Coordinator for Advocacy & Regulatory
Senior University Relations and Recruitment Manager
SAI Programs 

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