International Student Orientation Models

September 04, 2015 Download pdf


Orientation programs offer a unique and vital opportunity to provide "common threads" of information and resources to incoming international students, in particular, who are seeking guidance on how to best approach and embrace their new environment. International student orientation models vary across institutions and there is not a "one-size-fits-all" delivery method. Factors such as institutional size, student population, staff support, budget, and campus culture are all taken into consideration when designing and delivering an orientation program.

This resource was prepared jointly by NAFSA's Knowledge Communities for International Enrollment Management (KC IEM) and International Students and Scholars (KC ISSS). Included in the resource are:

  • common practices in delivering orientation
  • topics important to include or consider in orientation (or as part of an extended orientation)
  • models from Dallas Baptist University, Kent State, Texas Tech University, University of Florida Graduate School, and UC Berkeley
  • bibliography of NAFSA orientation resources