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In 2004, the Office of Foreign Assets Control at the U.S. Department of Treasury issued regulations to restrict study abroad in Cuba. The rule, effective June 30, 2004, tightened restrictions on travel to Cuba and established new licensing, programming, and participant requirements for educational travel activities to the country. The 2004 regulations resulted in the cancellation of most U.S. study abroad programs in Cuba and dramatically decreased the number of U.S. students studying there.

On January 14, 2011 President Obama announced changes to some categories of non-tourist travel to Cuba, including travel for academic purposes and people-to-people engagement. The new regulations allow all students enrolled in degree programs at accredited U.S. academic institutions to access programs to study abroad in Cuba. The regulations also ease restrictions on length or time of study, expand opportunities faculty and staff travel to Cuba, and create a special licensing category for other non-credit bearing educational opportunities in Cuba.

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