Welcoming International Students

International students, scholars, and their families are assets to academic and scientific innovation, public diplomacy, economic vitality, and national security. The United States must remain a welcoming nation to continue to benefit from these talented individuals. Unfortunately, data show that policies such as the Travel Ban and harmful rhetoric from policy leaders have encouraged some international students to choose destinations to study other than the U.S. To stop the loss of market share of the world’s most talented students and scholars, NAFSA stands ready to help our nation’s policymakers develop policies that would welcome the world’s best and brightest to our schools.

  • International students

    International Students

    International students and scholars create jobs, scholars drive innovation, enrich our classrooms, strengthen national security, and become America’s best ambassadors and allies.

    International students and scholars are great for America.  

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Infographic: International Students Contribute to Our Economy and American Innovation
View and download an infographic with the latest data and statistics on how international students contribute to our economy and American innovation.

Infographic: U.S. at Risk of Losing the Benefits of Talented International Students
View and download an infographic with the latest data and statistics on how the United States is at risk for losing the benefits of talented international students.

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senateInternational Education is Not a Partisan Issue - and Congress Agrees
NAFSA’s Deputy Executive Director for Public Policy Jill Welch testified before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Border Security and Immigration on June 6, 2018.

valueNAFSA International Student Economic Value Tool
Explore NAFSA's annual state-by-state and congressional district analysis of the economic contributions of international students and their families to the U.S. economy.

Members of Congress Welcome International Students and Scholars
Representative Gerald Connolly (VA-11) led a group of lawmakers in speaking out on the floor of the House of Representatives and submitting statements on the record noting the important contributions of international students and scholars.

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