Consular Affairs Liaisons Roster

March 12, 2018

Consular Affairs Liaison, France
Country Coordinator Rebecca James, CEA Global Education
Atlanta Gabriela Peschiera, Clemson University
Boston Tary Coppola, Center for University Programs Abroad (CUPA)
Chicago Erin Polnazsek Boyd, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Houston OPEN
Los Angeles Katerina Georgieva, University of California Education Abroad Program
Miami Leigh Ann Bauer, Florida State University
New York Rebecca James, CEA Global Education
San Francisco Danielle Pattee, San Francisco State University
Washington D.C. Jason Sanderson, Georgetown University
Consular Affairs Liaison, UK
Country Coordinator Christine Menand, Carnegie Mellon University
New York Laurence Tuccori, University of Kentucky
New York Mary Rogers, Arcadia University
New York Maxwell Chappuis, Michigan State University
New York OPEN
Consular Affairs Liaison, Spain
Country Coordinator Regina Foster, Clemson University
Boston Alica Vinal, Endicott College
Chicago OPEN 
Houston JenniBeth Rodriguez, Academic Programs International    
Los Angeles Mark Richter, Council on International Educational Exchange
Miami Regina M. K. Foster, Clemson University
New York OPEN
San Francisco Elizabeth Abbasi, University of Oregon
Washington D.C. Erin Pendle, Georgetown University
Consular Affairs Liaison, Italy
Country Coordinator Aliki Karagiannis, Stonehill College
Boston Alicia Vinal, Endicott College
Chicago Danette Bontrage, Iowa State University
Detroit Rebecca Hambleton, Grand Valley State University
Houston OPEN
Los Angeles Kitty Christen, University of California, Education Abroad Program
Miami Jessica Driemeier, University of Miami
New York OPEN
Philadelphia Paula Alvarez Tames, Ursinus College
San Francisco Janelle Waldrep, San Francisco State University
Washington D.C. Mia Pezzanite, Georgetown University
Consular Affairs Liaison, World-at-large
Country Coordinator-at-large Rochelle Keesler, Lafayette College
At Large Liaison Kristin Smith, Northeastern University
At Large Liaison   Erin Mikulec, Illinois State University
At Large Liaison Jessica Walker, New York University
At Large Liaison Peter Maribei, University of California, San Diego

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