Financing Education Abroad Subcommittee

January 19, 2016 Download pdf

Financing Education Abroad Subcommittee Charge

  • Develop resources and training materials that provide basic information about federal financial aid and financial aid resources for education abroad to facilitate advising by both education abroad and financial aid offices on aid and education abroad.
  • Ensure that financial aid information on the Education Abroad networks is current and authoritative.
  • Develop an effective mechanism for answering questions from the field about financial aid, including responding to inquiries posted on network forums and other venues.
  • Develop practice resources and training materials that provide basic information on scholarship administration, budgeting and grant writing.
  • Coordinate with the EA-RP Financial Aid Subcommittee to educate field about regulatory issues related to federal financial aid and federal scholarship programs to the subcommittee charge.

The full charge to the subcommittee is available to NAFSA members.

Financing Education Abroad Subcommittee Members

Giustina Pelosi
Regional Consultant, Northwest
CEA Study Abroad 

Mary Alice Allen
Senior Education Abroad Advisor
Office of International Education
Georgia Institute of Technology 

Kate Bruce
Assistant Director
New York University 

Colleen Marchwick
Interim Lead for the Center for International Education
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire 

Katherine Meyer
Faculty Led Coordinator & Global Learning Advisor
Washington State University

Katey Palumbo
Director, International Programs
Worcester State University

Jonathan Sylvia
Assistant Director, Operations
Dartmouth College

Sarah Langston
Member & Content Coordinator for Advocacy & Regulatory
Senior University Relations and Recruitment Manager
SAI Programs