Gaining Faculty Allies

December 04, 2009

These resources describe the challenges of engaging faculty in study abroad, provide strategies for motivating faculty to participate, and cite examples of campuses that have successfully engaged faculty in internationalization.

The Challenges of Faculty Engagement

October 2009

This PowerPoint presentation and accompanying notes were prepared for the Summer 2009 meeting of the Commission on International Programs, Association of Public and Land-grant Universities. They were created by Dieter Wanner, Associate Provost for Global Strategies and International Affairs, of Ohio State University. The author suggests that to enable faculty to move from thinking about projects to engaging in collaborating on comprehensive solutions for global issues, three cornerstones of successful policies are required: (a) gateways, (b) making International experiences possible, and (c) a commitment to legitimization and reward, all reflected in updated institutional structures.

Embedded Education Abroad Faculty Toolkit

August 3, 2009

The Pennsylvania State University has designed an Embedded Education Abroad Faculty Toolkit to aid in the development and implementation of embedded programs including those short-term, usually faculty-led, programs for which an international excursion is supplemental or embedded with an otherwise residential course. Penn State's toolkit offers a portfolio of tested and applicable instructional strategies. Penn State makes all tools available electronically and notes that they may be edited as appropriate, but would appreciate attribution of credit. The toolkit is organized around two focus areas. Specific course objectives are provided and are supported by an array of instructional tools that can be integrated into course syllabi or facilitated as one-time activities.

Focus Areas

  1. Global Citizenship
    • Social Responsibility
    • Global Competence
    • Global Civic Engagement
  2. Academic Development
    • Academic self-concept
    • Academic self-efficacy

The toolkit is further categorized by:

  • Phase of Instruction:
    • Pre-Departure
    • In-Country
    • Post-Study Abroad
  • Content Threads:
    • Communication
    • Utilization of Technology
    • Primary and Secondary Research
    • Experiential Learning
    • Culture and Identity

Engaging Faculty

August, 2008

The ACE Center for International Initiatives describes innovative campus strategies that have engaged faculty in the process of internationalization on nine campuses:

  • Chatham College
  • Maricopa Community College District
  • California State university-San Bernardino
  • San Francisco State University
  • University of Richmond
  • Missouri Southern State University
  • University of Kansas
  • Webster University
  • The University of Iowa
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Planning for Internationalization by Investing in Faculty

This article from the Journal of International and Global Studies discusses how two institutions (Duke University and the University of Richmond) developed funds from a variety of sources and institutional levels to engage their faculty in their institutional internationalization plans.

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Engaging Faculty to Integrate Study Abroad Into the Curriculum

In this presentation prepared for the 2008 International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP) conference, Elizabeth Brewer, director of the Beloit College Office of International Education and Josh Moore, associate director, use Beloit as a case study, outlining an institution’s developmental stages in study abroad integration.

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