Maximizing Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs at Community College


Developing faculty led study abroad programs in the community college setting carries its own set of challenges. Gaining administrative buy-in, developing programs that aren’t cost prohibitive, and recruiting students to participate in these programs are not challenges unique to community colleges, however. Use the presentation slides and handout below to help you navigate the study abroad process at community colleges.

These resources will help you to:

  • Develop solutions for budgetary, administrative and accessibility barriers to program development within the community college setting
  • Identify effective methods of student recruitment specific to community colleges
  • Encourage administrative buy in and support for community college study abroad programs

View the handout Adobe PDF

View the presentation slides Adobe PDF

Created for the 2016 Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado by:

  • Rebekah de Wit, Community College of Baltimore County
  • Greg Malveaux, Montgomery College
  • Laura Weldon, International Studies Abroad