Department of State 212(e) Waiver Review Division Inquiries

July 24, 2017


A NAFSA leader has been designated to communicate with the Department of State (DOS) Waiver Review Division in cases where a request for an advisory opinion or waiver: 

  • has been lost
  • has not been assigned a number
  • is very long past normal Estimated Processing Times (Step 6)
  • there are critical humanitarian issues or other problems.

Note: This system is not to be used to "expedite" a normal processing request as DOS will not entertain such requests.

The Exchange Visitor (EV) who applied for the advisory opinion or waiver should attempt to contact regarding their inquiry. the Waiver Review Division is fairly responsive to emails sent to them. If the EV is unable to get a response regarding their case, then the RO/ARO should report the issue to IssueNet: Get Liaison Help:

  1. Log on to the NAFSA IssueNet Website
  2. Click on "Get Liaison Help"
  3. Type in the information about the case including:
    • Applicant Name
    • Country
    • Date of Birth
    • J program #
    • SEVIS ID#
    • Case #
    • Date Submitted to DOS
    • Waiver type (i.e., No Objection, IGA, etc.)
    • RO/ARO making inquiry (name, institution, address and email) and
    • Description of the problem/issue.
  4. The Regulatory Ombudsperson will review the case and, if warranted, forward the information to the NAFSA waiver liaison who will then contact DOS.
  5. The Waiver Liaison will contact the Waiver Review Division immediately. The matter is usually resolved within a few weeks.