Partners in the Administration of Sponsored Student Programs and Related Links

June 18, 2009

The administration of Sponsored Student Programs involves a large network of partners representing sponsors, programming organizations, and training providers. More than 300 universities, colleges, and organizations, both public and private, take advantage of Sponsored Program Administration (SPA) related activities (sessions, workshops, working papers, etc.) The following list (by no means comprehensive) of sponsors, programming organizations, and educational and training institutions is a resource to help these partners connect with one another and work together to improve communication and share best practices in the administration of sponsored student programs.


A sponsor can be an international organization, multinational institution, U.S. government agency, foreign government, private corporation, foundation, or other entity. Typically sponsors provide primary funding and/or management for foreign students in educational and training programs. A foreign government sponsor may establish an office in its embassy, sometimes in the education, cultural, or technical division, to handle the administration of students studying in the host country.

U.S. Government Sponsors

Foreign Government Sponsors

International Organization Sponsors

Programming Organizations

A programming organization typically operates under contract with a sponsor to perform specific administrative tasks and student services (for example placement, monitoring, immigration sponsorship, etc.) related to the education or training program. In most cases, the programming organization manages the student program for the sponsor. Programming organizations frequently represent several sponsors and some sponsors may contract with more than one programming organization to administer their program(s).

Educational and Training Institutions

Colleges, universities, Intensive English Programs, and other host institutions provide education and training to sponsored students. In addition to providing courses and training, some institutions enter directly into contractual relationships with sponsors and serve as both programming organizations and trainer.

Related Links

If you know a university or organization that should be considered for this list, please send a message to the network leader.