Student Visas for Spain: Your Questions Answered


Since 2010, more than 25,000 students have studied in Spain every year. Spain is one of Europe's top education abroad destinations, but visa requirements can sometimes cause confusion among students and advisers.

This chat featured two members of NAFSA’s Consular Affairs Liaison (CAL) Subcommittee who answered student visa questions for Spain and provided tips on preparing the student visa application.

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Live Blog Student Visas for Spain

Lee Frankel
Academic Studies Abroad
Lee Frankel is director of programs for Academic Studies Abroad (ASA) and oversees both ASA office in Boston, Massachusetts, and all sites that ASA offers. While at Ithaca College as an undergraduate, Frankel spent a semester in Salamanca, Spain, where he decided that studying abroad was the single most important part of his college experience. Frankel serves as the consular liaison to the Consulate of Spain in Boston, and has been designated as a warden for the U.S. Department of State's Overseas Security Advisory Council.

Regina FosterRegina Foster
Clemson University
Regina Foster is the Director of Global Engagement for the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities at Clemson University in South Carolina. She works with faculty to create programs and pathways specific to each department’s global education goals. Regina manages the School of Architecture’s semester-long programs in Barcelona, Spain and Genoa, Italy as well as a number of faculty-directed semester and short-term programs across the globe. As an undergraduate major in Geological Sciences, Regina participated in a faculty-directed Engineering and Technology program in Bristol, England.

Holly Zimmerman-LeVoir
University of Minnesota
Holly Zimmerman LeVoir is the program director at the Learning Abroad Center at the University of Minnesota. LeVoir is responsible for the university's programs in Spanish-speaking countries, including Spain, Argentina, and Venezuela, as well as the university's study and internship programs in Sydney, Australia; London, England; and Madrid, Spain, and language immersion in China. LeVoir has worked for more than 20 years with the Spanish Embassy in Washington and Spain’s Ministry of Culture in Madrid coordinating the Program for Cultural Cooperation grant program. LeVoir received her MA in Hispanic linguistics from the University of Minnesota and her undergraduate degree from Regis University in Denver. LeVoir is the Spain Country Coordinator for NAFSA’s CAL Subcommittee.