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Government Connection: Improved Consular Safety and Security Messaging
January 23, 2018
International safety and security for students, faculty, and staff traveling abroad is a top priority for all U.S. collages and universities many of whom base their programming and travel policies on safety information issued by the U.S. Department of State. With the announcement of a new leveled Travel Advisory system, institutions across the United States may need to review and revise their travel policies.

Responding to Mental Health Issues in International Education
February 13, 2018
Explore techniques and resources to support students with mental health challenges.

Education Abroad Regulatory Summit
March 21, 2018
Gain insights from government officials about the most pressing regulatory issues for Education Abroad. Panel discussions will cover Title IX, Clery, Cuba, Financial Aid, and Travel Advisories. Register now for this one-day in-person event.

Recent Events

Successful Collaborations Between Financial Aid and Study Abroad Offices
December 12, 2017
When Financial Aid Offices and Study Abroad Offices work together, everyone wins. This Collegial Conversation explored what this collaborative relationship looks like on two different campuses and provides participants with ways to start or enhance such a relationship on their own campuses. View the transcript here.

Changing U.S. Policy Towards Cuba: Implications for International Educators
November 17, 2017
U.S. policy towards Cuba continues to evolve. New regulations went into effect on November 9, 2017 that impact academic programs in Cuba. View the Government Connection from November 17th to hear from the U.S. State Department and Treasury Department.

Demonstrating Value: Success Strategies for International Education Leaders
November 15, 2017 | 3:00 p.m. EDT
International education programs bring quantitative and qualitative benefits to our communities, engage our students in meaningful interactions, and help us learn more about the world in which we must compete and thrive. This NAFSA e-Learning Seminar will giveyou the tools to communicate the relevance and value of international education. Purchase the recording here

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Recordings of past e-Learning Seminars are available for purchase here.  

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Education Abroad AdvisingEducation Abroad Advising
Education abroad is an evolving field. The adviser is required to support a wide variety of student needs throughout their education abroad experience. This six week, self-paced course guides you through the demands often faced throughout the education abroad cycle, providing you with best practices, and tools to use in your own advising practice.The course is offered on a monthly, rolling basis starting February of 2016. Sign up today!

Short-Term EAMapping Short-Term Education Abroad Programs
An overview of institutional policies and procedures that impact short-term education abroad programs, program models, preparing for emergencies, handling logistics, finances and budgets, preparing students and faculty for the international experience, managing student support, and interaction with campus partners. The course is offered on a monthly, rolling basis. Sign up today!


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Dec. 12 - Successful Collaborations between Financial Aid and Study Abroad Offices


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