Trainer Corps Involvement Opportunities


NAFSA Trainer Corps members stay active by delivering at least one CEP workshop or participating in another involvement activity every year during their membership. Trainer Corps involvement opportunities include the following positions. If you'd like more information about any of the these positions, please email Professional Learning Services.

CEP Workshop Trainer

Trainer Corps members deliver the Core Education Program (CEP) Workshops at the Annual Conference, Regional Conferences, and on-site workshops taking place throughout the year. Only current Trainer Corps members are qualified to train such workshops.

CEP Workshop Lead Trainer

Lead Trainers oversee the workshop instructional process, recruit their training team, and ensure that they are well prepared to deliver the standard CEP workshop curriculum. The Lead Trainer receives special training from NAFSA upon being selected for this position.

Trainer Corps Application Reviewer

Current trainers review new and renewing trainer applications and provide feedback about whether or not to accept these applications and which workshops to include in their profiles, based on their experience.

  • Duration: 1-2 months
  • Openings: Volunteers accepted in January

Trainer Corps Chair

The chair of Trainer Corps (TC) takes the lead role in ensuring that Trainer Corps members are well prepared for their volunteer role through preparation and support program.

On-Site Workshop Organizer

NAFSA members can propose to host an On-Site CEP workshop anytime throughout the year. Once proposed, the workshop organizer works with NAFSA staff to plan, promote, and host the CEP workshop.

CEP Workshop Dean

Each CEP workshop has a dean who is responsible for ensuring that its curriculum materials are accurate and up-to-date. Workshop deans also serve as a resource for training teams delivering the curriculum to ensure high-quality and consistent delivery.

Trainer Corps Preparation Program Training Team Member

The Trainer Corps Preparation Program Training Team is made up of three experienced and highly rated trainers who develop and deliver the workshops and training materials for all incoming and renewing TC members.

Core Education Program (CEP) E-Learning Course Dean

Each e-Learning course has a dean, who is responsible for developing and maintaining training materials and resources to strengthen the cohort experiences for e-Learning participants.

Trainer Corps Community

Connect with other members of the Trainer Corps Community in the Community Workspace.