Introduction to F-1 Student Advising


Education Abroad AdvisingThe four-week, self-paced course provides a general overview of the fundamentals of advising F-1 students to help them maintain their status during their studies in the United States. You will learn elementary regulatory terminology and concepts to guide students as they transition, graduate, and perhaps transfer in their program of study.

Along with basic information on essential job responsibilities, course participants will also receive a special bonus—access to the NAFSA Adviser's Manual for the duration of the course.

Who Should Register?

New international student advisers, admissions staff, and those who would like to understand the basics of the Designated School Official (DSO) role.

Course Objectives

  • Gain a strong understanding of basic advising skills on common F-1 immigration issues.
  • Learn how to keep F-1 students on path to status maintenance.
  • Have a greater awareness of critical DSO (Designated School Official) job responsibilities.

Modules and Learning Outcomes

Nine self-paced learning modules offer valuable tips in key regulatory areas such as travel, employment, transfer-in/transfer-out policies, changes in status, and much more. Glossaries, frequently asked questions, a companion workbook, and self tests are also included. In addition, you will learn where to find and access key resources to continue your learning after the conclusion of the course.

Module 1: What Are the Major Responsibilities of My Job as an F-1 Adviser?

  • Explain key components of F-1 regulatory framework
  • Describe your roles and prioritize the scope of your job responsibilities
  • Develop and maintain partnerships and resource networks
  • Locate regulations with which all DSOs must be familiar

Module 2: How Do I Research the Resources Needed to Advise F-1 Students?

  • Identify and access appropriate resources: manuals, Web sites, policy documents
  • Locate key information in the NAFSA Adviser's Manual
  • Recognize "gray" areas for further research

Module 3: How Do I Process and Create I-20s?

  • Describe the visa process timeline
  • Identify when an I-20 needs to be created
  • Determine what documentation is needed for I-20 completion
  • Recognize student data that's submitted to SEVIS to complete a Form I-20

Module 4: How Do I Advise Students on F-1 Enrollment?

  • Determine if an F-1 student is in status or not
  • Analyze consequences for F-1 students of falling out of status regarding enrollment
  • Communicate consequences and options to student about how to prevent falling out of status

Module 5: How Do I Advise Students on F-1 Issues Around Travel?

  • Explain entry requirements and port-of-entry process
  • Identify appropriate documents for visa application process
  • Explain automatic visa revalidation process

Module 6: How Do I Advise Students on F-1 Issues on Employment?

  • Differentiate between appropriate uses of CPT and OPT
  • Determine student eligibility for CPT authorization
  • Communicate status maintenance issues to F-1 students

Module 7: How Do I Advise F-1 Students on Change of Status?

  • Determine eligibility for change of status
  • Identify documents required to submit change of status application
  • Process documentation for I-20 submission

Module 8: How Do I Advise F-1 students on Transfer-in and Transfer-out Procedures?

  • Communicate options to F-1 students on transfer in / transfer out
  • Determine eligibility for transfer process
  • Identify documents required for transfer process
  • Process transfer documentation

Module 9: How Do I Maintain Records and Report Using SEVIS?

  • Navigate and use basic functions in SEVIS
  • Complete SEVIS reporting on time
  • Analyze SEVIS alert lists to determine appropriate action

Available Registration Dates

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