Taking a myCAP Survey


Preservice and In-service Teachers

*** Important: Please read all steps before proceeding. ***

myCAPStep One:
Log in to your NAFSA Passport profile or create a new profile. There is no charge to create a NAFSA Passport profile.

Step Two:
Visit the myCAP© Student Portal and enter the course code provided by your instructor or browse to find your instructor's course.

Step Three:
After you have selected your course, you will be directed to the NAFSA online store where you can purchase a myCAP© Student License. Upon completion of your purchase, you will receive a link that will direct you to your instructor's myCAP© Instrument on your personal myCAP© Student Dashboard.

Step 4:
Take the survey as directed by your instructor.

Step 5:
Review reports on your myCAP© Student Dashboard.

The myCAP© Instrument is in the form of a survey. When you purchase access to the myCAP© Instrument (survey), you will be able to take this survey a total of four (4) times. Each time you use the instrument (take the survey) you will be provided with a report showing your current level of cultural and global awareness. Once you have used the instrument (taken the survey) at least two (2) times, you will be provided with a report comparing your results over time. These reports are made available on your myCAP© Student Dashboard.

 Issues accessing myCAP©?