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NAFSA members rely on two publications to keep them up-to-date on the international education community. International Educator is a potent opportunity for your company to reach some 35,000 professionals six times a year. reaches all 10,000 NAFSA members each week.

International Educator

The flagship publication of the association, this bimonthly magazine with expanded editorial delivers a refreshing view of what's new and promising in the profession with in-depth feature articles, thought-provoking regular departments, and a great deal more.

2018 Editorial Calendar

Issue Planned Editorial* Deadline
Jan+Feb What’s Next?
  • New Trends
  • Global Updates: Middle Class Rising

Space: 10.31.2017

Artwork: 11.6.2017

Mar+Apr Technology
  • Mobile Learning
  • Balancing Imperatives

Space: 01.08.2018

Artwork: 01.16.2018

May+Jun How to Create a Global Citizen
  • Internationalization Best Practices
  • Practical Strategies for Intercultural Diversity

Space: 02.26.2018

Artwork: 03.05.2018

Jul+Aug The Money Issue
  • Maximizing Affordability
  • Leveraging Partnerships

Space: 04.23.2018

Artwork: 04.30.2018

Sep+Oct Recruiting
  • Best Practices for Emerging Markets
  • Solutions for Building Momentum and Retention

Space: 06.22.2018

Artwork: 06.29.2018

Nov+Dec The Value Proposition of International Education
  • Highlighting Outcomes
  • Innovation and Globalization

Space: 08.24.2018

Artwork: 09.03.2018

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