International Educator May June 2019


Mental Health: At Home and Abroad
By Mark Toner
As the prevalence of mental health issues climbs among collegeaged populations, institutions around the world are increasingly focused on the mental health and well-being of both inbound and outbound students.

The Faces of International Education
By Charlotte West
The numbers are clear: international students are assets to academic and scientific innovation, public diplomacy, economic vitality, and national security. Behind the numbers are personal stories of students who attribute their success to studying in the United States.

Africa’s Education Evolution
By David Tobenkin
More than just an untapped market for international student recruitment, Africa represents opportunities and untold potential for international education in the twenty-first century. Three articles—about Nigeria, China’s influence in Africa, and recruitment best practices—give a glimpse into the state of higher education across this vast continent.

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From the Editor in Chief

When Inspiration Strikes
By Elizabeth Hendley

From the Desk Of

Welcome to Washington, D.C.!
By Esther D. Brimmer, NAFSA Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer

In Brief

  • Supporting Refugees with Learning Language
  • The World's Most International Universities
  • Netflix and Skills
  • There's an (Offline) App for That
  • Countering Threats to Academic Freedom
  • Social Media and Student Recruitment
  • Gangs in Government Support
  • No Evidence of Job Loss Due to OPT

Global Spotlight


Quick Questions

Shaping Africa's Next Leaders
By David Tobenkin

Education Abroad

Reframing the Reentry Experience
By Stephen G. Pelletier

International Student Affairs

The 'Magical Ratio'
By Susan Ladika

International Enrollment

International Perspectives on Recruitment and Admissions
By Glenn Cook

International Education Leadership

Six Human Resources Strategies to Know
By Karen Doss Bowman


Our Duty of Care to Refugees and At-Risk Migrants
By Bernhard Streitwieser and Meggan Madden

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