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June 1-2, 2018 | Philadelphia, PA

The Forum on Global Learning is a new NAFSA Signature Program focused on global learning across curriculum. This two-day event, at the NAFSA 2018 Annual Conference & Expo in Philadelphia, engages participants with practicing experts (faculty, researchers, scholars, senior administrators) to explore strategic integration of global learning across programming while building capacity to further departmental and institutional goals. Critical discussion will be complemented by a hands-on site visit to an innovative new approach.


Day 1 (June 1): Explore definitions of global learning and implications for its integration into both co-curricular and curricular experiences. Work with experts to identify appropriate ways of assessing student learning outcomes. Design strategies to capture data and leverage assessments to build capacity in the classroom and across the curriculum.

Day 2 (June 2): Site visit to Lehigh University’s Mountaintop Initiative campus, a model learning space of creative inquiry where students pursue answers to open-ended questions while working in and across disciplines. This hands-on site visit will provide opportunities to apply the lessons from Day 1 through:

  • The Creative Inquiry model.
  • Community and workforce partnerships to develop global competencies.
  • Additional assessment opportunities.

NAFSA thanks Lehigh University for its generous support of this event.

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