Seminar on Peace and the Global Civil Society

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Keynote Speaker: Zama Coursen-Neff, Human Rights Watch

The Power of Women to Effect Social Change:
Stories of Diverse Approaches to Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution

May 28-29, 2017
Los Angeles, California

How can you inspire students to become agents of social change?

How can film and other forms of storytelling be better incorporated into curriculum?

The 2017 NAFSA Seminar on Peace and the Global Civil Society will model and instruct through film and personal storytelling the extraordinary ways in which women manage and resolve conflict, and are developing and building structures for a sustainable peaceful society.

The NAFSA Seminar on Peace and the Global Civil Society brings together international educators with scholars and practitioners in peacebuilding. This NAFSA Signature Program provides opportunities for participants to engage in meaningful conversations about the role that international education programming performs in developing students as peacebuilders, whether through teaching cultural diplomacy, improving dialogue skills, or simply through promoting a better understanding of the interconnectedness of many global issues.

At this year's seminar, presenters and participants will explore:

  • The importance of diverse perspectives in resolving conflict and building sustainable peace;
  • The historically overlooked role of women as peacebuilders and change agents;
  • Ways in which to become involved in the peacebuilding process; particularly participation from diverse groups (especially women), the need to protect everyone involved in the process and the need to prevent discrimination against them;
  • The powerful impact personal stories make as catalysts for social change;
  • The power of film and other media to effect change; and
  • Ways in which educators can inspire and support students from all backgrounds and of all genders in becoming agents of change.

Participants will engage with experts on peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and storytelling to discuss ways international education programs can create opportunities for students to build knowledge and skills that enhance their capacity to become agents of change and peacebuilders in a global civil society.

You Should Attend

If you desire or are charged with incorporating peacebuilding, conflict resolution, or social justice into your educational programming.

What You Will Gain from Attending

  • Understanding the potential that gender equity can play in the resolution of conflict and peacebuilding;
  • Learning how to better engage students by providing them with perspective on the ways their actions can make a difference on a global level, and how to best manage these actions in the classroom and advising process;
  • Appreciation of the power of non-mainstream voices in entertainment to effect social change by addressing topics such as identity politics, socio-cultural narratives, and inter-group relations; and
  • Incorporation of film and other media into curriculum.


Type Price
Member $229
Nonmember $329
Student $99

This seminar was created in honor of NAFSA past-president Ron Moffatt.