About the NAFSA Seminar on Peace and the Global Civil Society

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NAFSA believes international education is a powerful tool to create understanding and respect among people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, build leadership for the global community, and serve as a crucial means of developing an interconnected world. The annual NAFSA Seminar on Peace and the Global Civil Society is a NAFSA Signature Program that brings together scholars and practitioners in peacebuilding with international educators, providing international educators with the opportunity to engage in global learning and incorporate the ideals, theories, and practices of peacebuilding into educational programming with the goal of promoting a more peaceable global civil society.

The seminar complements conference sessions, online discussions, and other NAFSA events that encourage global learning. It provides a venue for educators to become more attentive to the implications of their work and of person-to-person global engagement. It encourages them to understand more completely how their actions affect both global and local communities and how programming can address the world’s pressing issues surrounding peace.

The seminar was originally named after Ron Moffatt, a past NAFSA president who was a tireless campaigner for peace and justice education through international education and advocate for international education as a peacebuilding enterprise.

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