How to Find a Job in International Education Part 1: Getting the Interview

May 19, 2014 | Topics: Annual Conference, Careers

By Mitch Gordon

Interested in finding a job in international education? You're not alone. Finding a job in international education can be incredibly competitive. That fact may be surprising when you consider this: The tangible benefits aren't very impressive. You should expect a modest salary and benefits, limited opportunities for advancement, and sometimes long working hours and travel. Why, you may ask, are these positions in such high demand? Because you'll be doing meaningful, rewarding work that has a real impact on real people. With the above in mind, how can you make your goal a reality and find a job in international education?... See More

Strengthening the Campus Study Abroad Advising Process

May 08, 2014 | Topics: Annual Conference, Careers

By Vera V. Chapman, PhD, and Marty Tillman

On campuses, increasing attention is being placed on the initial decision-making process that students undergo as they study abroad, as well as the ongoing process of self-reflection about what they are learning while abroad. We see this heightened concern as an outcome of the soft economy and the need of many students to directly link learning outcomes of their international experiences to their marketability as applicants in the job search. Another contributing factor is increased attention to standards of good practice in the overall design and implementation of study abroad programs. The result is that many campuses are faced with the question of how to best strengthen the advising processes for students who study abroad.... See More

The Cultural Adaptation of Student Services in Higher Education

May 01, 2014 | Topics: Annual Conference, Careers

By Carin Usrey

While I officially work as a university career counselor, I frequently find myself taking on the role of a marketing specialist, continually revamping outreach efforts to increase student awareness of our office’s services and drive up attendance at our campus programs and events. Regardless of how valuable, practical, and arguably necessary our office’s services might be, it is a constant struggle to convince students of our ongoing relevance and even more of a challenge to embed ourselves into the culture of a student’s college experience.

As a passionate advocate of education abroad and an avid supporter of integrating global experiences into college life, I know that global education professionals are faced with similar challenges. Offering what most universities currently value as an elective service, there is an additional barrier of persuading students to see the added value of an optional study abroad experience, not to mention the extra work of validating its financial and academic feasibility.

... See More

Traveling Like You Own the Skies

April 17, 2014 | Topics: Annual Conference, Careers

By Andy Fraher and John Wilkerson

"We'd like to invite our business class cabin to board now. We'll begin our general boarding process in just a few minutes; please wait for your zone number to be called before approaching the boarding gate."

Does this announcement leave you feeling anxious and stressed out? How about angry that, in our society, class distinctions still exist? Are you preparing to throw elbows with the rest of the masses to ensure that you can get to your cramped seat and have space to store your carry-on in the overhead bin?

... See More

Communication – A Skill That Can Take You Anywhere

April 14, 2014 | Topics: Annual Conference, Careers

By Tonyia Stewart

As international admissions coordinator for Clemson University, I receive many phone calls and e-mails every day with questions and concerns about applications, decisions, and test scores. Students often stop by to drop off final official transcripts and have questions about conditional acceptance and their transcripts. Having a professional background in long-term care and marketing, I have developed strong communication skills. Even with these skills, I never realized how much I would struggle with answering simple questions until I began working in international education. The communication skills I learned in my previous positions were a good foundation, but I had to learn more in order to be successful in my new role.... See More

PHASE II: Staying Involved

April 10, 2014 | Topics: Careers

By Michael Smithee

If you are like me, you have spent your professional life discovering how truly broad the field of international education is. You have developed a fount of knowledge and impressive skills, and likely you do not want to retreat into a shell. (Maybe you want to disengage for a short period of time.)... See More

How to Use Networking and Informational Interviews to Start a Career, Further a Career, or Change a Career

April 03, 2014 | Topics: Annual Conference, Careers

By Ellen H. Badger and Shawna Szabo

Networking with professionals can be a daunting task. However, informational interviews can lead to that “foot in the door” we all need when it comes to starting or advancing a career in international education. The truth is that people love to talk about themselves and their career path. Use this to your advantage. Compile a list of professionals in the field that you can contact to arrange a 15- to 20-minute informational interview. Be sure to utilize your college alumni network, former and current colleagues, as well as friends and family members.... See More