Aloha from Region I/XII

November 21, 2008 | Topics: Regional Conferences

By Jordan Wait

The members of Region I and Region XII came together and were captivated by the aloha spirit throughout the week during their biregional conference in Honolulu, Hawaii. In addition to the wide array of professional development and networking... See More

Greetings from Columbia, South Carolina

November 04, 2008 | Topics: Regional Conferences

By Jordan Wait

NAFSA staff members Kari Lantos, Robin Little, Jordan Wait, Carri Orrison, and Ellen Barclay along with NAFSA board member Ellen Badger were excited to visit Region VII and experience the southern hospitality the region is famous for. From the... See More

Region II Meets in Park City

October 28, 2008 | Topics: Regional Conferences

By Eric White

The first regional conference of 2008, Region II’s meeting in Park City, Utah, was a complete success. Joe Potts (Chair), Becky Sibley (Conference Planner), Anjali Hammond, and Aaron Rose (LAC Team), and many others deserve tremendous praise for... See More

NAFSA and Abroad View are Hosting the 3rd Annual Student Diplomat Essay Competition

September 15, 2008 | Topics: Education Abroad

By Jordan Wait

Americans who study abroad in quality programs for academic credit or engage in service learning, internships, or research abroad are far better prepared for the demands of the twenty-first century. Such experiences inform the world view of our graduates. They allow students the opportunity to gain international knowledge and hone important foreign language skills. Additionally, they help build bridges of understanding worldwide.... See More