Where Would You Study Abroad?

July 22, 2009 | Topics: Education Abroad

By Victor C Johnson

The world is the limit – or should be – when it comes to opportunities to explore other cultures, learn a foreign language, and expand global understanding.  But since the Bush Administration placed harsh regulations on academic travel to Cuba in... See More

President Obama Says Community Colleges are a Gateway to Competing in the Global Economy

July 15, 2009 | Topics: Education Abroad, Global Learning


President Obama yesterday announced a major national investment in America's community colleges, with a focus on opening the doors of opportunity in higher education for many more Americans and on ensuring that community colleges can successfully prepare individuals with the education and training necessary for the jobs of tomorrow.

NAFSA enthusiastically supports efforts to strengthen community colleges. With their close ties to local communities, community colleges are key incubators of skills and innovation for local employers, and critical drivers of local economies. Community colleges have long been recognized leaders in the United States in efforts to ensure that the education they provide includes preparing students with the international skills and knowledge that employers increasingly require and expect.

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