September 13, 2010 | Topics:

By Jordan Wait

Rachel Banks has spent nearly 10 years at NAFSA, and currently serves as director for public policy, focusing on international student and scholar issues, specifically visa... See More

Encourage Your Colleagues to Apply for Open Appointed Positions

August 25, 2010 | Topics: Leadership

By Leah Newell

Hey potential NAFSA leader! Yeah you! Noooooo...not him...not! You too can be a NAFSA leader. Now is the time to get involved in NAFSA leadership - right now. Time to energize your mind with creative ideas and influence NAFSA and IE policy with thoughtful discussions and active engagement, all while expanding your network with talented IE professionals. I do understand that it’s possible this isn’t exactly the best time for you, there may be a new job, a new kid, a new city—whatever situation that might call upon you to need a little adjustment time. In that case you can wait until next year—but don’t forget that WE NEED YOU—not someone else, you—sooner versus later... See More

It's Membership Renewal Time!

August 10, 2010 | Topics: Leadership

By Guest Blogger

It is NAFSA membership renewal time again. I encourage you to renew and feel pride in being a NAFSA member. You are a part of an amazing network of individuals who form an organization that continues to be the leader in international education... See More

U.S. Educational Exchange Programs Continue to Produce World Leaders

By Kyle D’Souza

In remarks delivered at her swearing-in ceremony earlier this month, Assistant Secretary of State for Educational and Cultural Affairs Ann Stock highlighted the positive impact that educational exchanges can have on participants and on U.S. foreign policy. Noting that “in the last six weeks alone, six of our program alumni have become heads of state or heads of government,” Stock went on to say that “through our ongoing contacts with these ‘alumni,’ we foster relationships with new generations and fuel an engine for change that is perhaps unprecedented in American diplomacy.” Next month, a seventh alumnus will become president of Colombia. These seven alumni and the programs they participated in include:... See More