Riding Into the Wind - The NAFSA Leadership Cycle

November 01, 2011 | Topics: Leadership

By Chris Murphy

During several of the meetings at the Region VII conference in Mobile, Alabama, but particularly at the first-timers meeting (which drew an impressive 110 attendees), regional team leaders, especially Jeff Hutcheson, current chair, Heather Housley, chair-elect, and immediate past chair, Brad Sekulich, stressed the importance to NAFSA's continuing success of an active and vital membership that is willing to take on various leadership roles. In my nearly nine years with the NAFSA staff, I have seen countless examples of this theme play out throughout the NAFSA member leadership structure—individuals, taking their turns to rise through the ranks and lead, while others, having spent significant time and energy as leaders, rotate off teams to allow a new cadre of leaders to have their terms as committee members, chairs, executive committee members, board members, etc.... See More

America’s Got Global Talent!

October 28, 2011 | Topics: Immigration Policy

By Rachel Banks

Every fall, winners are announced for prestigious awards like the MacArthur Foundation Fellowships (colloquially referred to as “Genius Grants”) and the Nobel Prizes. The lists of recipients each year highlight a well-spring of talent based in the United States. They also highlight just how often global mobility and immigration play a role in sustaining this stellar track record of accomplishment.... See More

Why I'm Excited About Houston

October 28, 2011 | Topics: Annual Conference

By Patricia Willer

The 2012 Annual Conference Committee (ACC)  has just returned from Houston and we’re really excited about Houston as a convention city for the 2012 NAFSA Annual Conference. Houston has so much to offer. When the committee wasn’t busy selecting content, you can bet we were enjoying the city’s fun mix of southern hospitality, western vibe, and metropolitan flair. When you come to the Houston conference, you’ll find all the sessions and workshops that are typically offered related to professional practice. But you will also find sessions focused on advocacy, Latin America, community colleges, minority-serving institutions, and cross-border issues between the United States and Mexico. There will  be offerings focused on China and India, and new sessions to capture cutting-edge issues. I’m delighted at the number of sessions dedicated to professional and leadership development, learning how to advocate for international education on your campus, and change management. And of course our conference theme, Comprehensive Internationalization: Vision and Practice, will be explored in a BIG way.... See More

ACC is Heading to Houston and Wants to Hear From You

October 11, 2011 | Topics: Annual Conference

By Joël Gallegos, Content Team Chair

The time has come for the Annual Conference Committee (ACC) to select content for NAFSA’s 2012 Annual Conference in Houston, TX. This weekend, the ACC is heading to Houston to select the sessions and current topics workshops for the conference. We had more than 100 reviewers help us make our decisions on the 400-plus proposals, and we’re excited about what we’ve seen. As we dig into the creation of the Houston program, we’re especially looking to highlight this year’s theme, Comprehensive Internationalization: Vision and Practice. We’re looking forward to this process, and want to hear what YOU want to see from this year’s conference!... See More

Partners in the Fight for Immigration Reform that Moves America Forward

September 29, 2011 | Topics: Immigration Policy

By Heather Stewart

When it comes to advocating for comprehensive immigration reform, we often see only the difficult politics and the slow pace of progress. But sometimes we get a glimpse of hope, some concrete evidence that our efforts are making a difference, that we are being heard, and that others are taking up the cause and amplifying the energy and volume around this critical issue.... See More