Moving the Discussion Forward - The Role of African Women in Global Higher Education

April 21, 2011 | Topics: Annual Conference

By Aimee Thostenson

After hearing Sheryl WuDunn, coauthor of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, speak at NAFSA 2010 Annual Conference in Kansas City, I left feeling inspired and energized. WuDunn talked about key issues facing women today and offered concrete ways to contribute to the empowerment of women across the globe. This shared enthusiasm led to brainstorming with colleagues—how could we continue this discussion and bring it even closer to our daily work?... See More

The Okanagan Valley

April 19, 2011 | Topics: Annual Conference

By Gordon Shuster

For those adding a few days to their visit to British Columbia, a trip to the Okanagan Valley is a must. I made this area my home more than 20 years ago and can't imagine living anywhere else.... See More

Going Green in Vancouver

April 05, 2011 | Topics: Annual Conference

By Carol Zachs

Last year, Vancouver set the ambitious goal of becoming the "greenest city" in the world by 2020. The Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC), venue of this year's conference, is making one big stride in that direction - it is the first convention center in the world to receive LEED platinum certification. In honor of the 2011 NAFSA conference theme, Innovation and Sustainability in International Education, and the host city's green aspirations, this post will be devoted to highlighting local sustainability practices and tips for travelers... See More

Advice for 2011 First-Time Conference Attendees

March 31, 2011 | Topics: Annual Conference

By Ali Maresh

In 2010, we asked conference veterans to share advice with NAFSA first-time attendees. We've all been there. Attending a NAFSA annual conference can be both overwhelming and exhilarating at the same time, so here are some of the great tips we received from last year's contributors:

  • "Make a detailed schedule."
  • "…attend the first-timers orientation." (on Tuesday morning)
  • "Visit the Expo Hall."
  • "Wear comfortable shoes!"
  • "Bring lots of business cards."
  • "Don't be shy - NAFSAns are very nice and welcoming!"
  • "Volunteering at the conference is a great way to network and meet new people."
  • "Sign up for a mentor."
  • "...mingle with people you have never met before."
... See More

Weekend Getaways In and Around Vancouver

March 29, 2011 | Topics: Annual Conference

By Carol Zachs

If you haven't already booked your flight or if you are looking for ways to spend some free time outside of Vancouver, I have a number of recommendations for you to consider. Vancouver is filled with great activities that I'll be sharing with you in the next few weeks, but today I will begin with a taste of some of the top spots outside the city's center.... See More

Welcome to Vancouver!

March 04, 2011 | Topics: Annual Conference

By Carol Zachs

A couple of weeks ago, Vancouver celebrated the one-year anniversary of the opening of the 2010 Winter Olympics. The games were marked by an uncharacteristic demonstration of national pride. Red-gloved Canadians flooded the streets, belting out the national anthem at every opportunity. In just three short months, the city will be playing host to nearly 8,000 NAFSA delegates. While unabashed patriotism will not be on display this time (well, perhaps a little bit!), those of us who are local delegates hope that you enjoy the city as much as we did in 2010... See More

Take the Time to Nominate a Colleague Today!

January 10, 2011 | Topics: Annual Conference, Leadership

By Suzanne Marlay

Receiving Life Membership at the annual conference in Kansas City last June was certainly a highlight of my career as an international educator. It was humbling, yet thrilling, to be recognized by colleagues for my contributions to the advancement of NAFSA’s goals and those of international education and exchange. I was particularly touched to learn how I had influenced the lives of other professionals through my mentoring and training.... See More