Students Connecting Our World Gains Momentum

December 15, 2011 | Topics: Education Abroad

By Ursula Oaks

"Students Connecting Our World" is wrapping up its first semester, and we're really excited about the response so far. In case you haven't heard, "Students Connecting Our World" is the student side of NAFSA's grassroots advocacy community "Connecting Our World." It's a place where college students can find a community of people like them interested in study abroad and learning about the world. We are inviting students to connect with each other online; share stories, tips, and ideas about study abroad; find resources; and discover new ways to support international education.... See More

Study Abroad and Global Education in the Spotlight on Capitol Hill

November 18, 2011 | Topics: Advocacy and Public Policy, Education Abroad

By Ursula Oaks

NAFSA – Goucher College Event “A Global Education: No Longer Optional” Draws U.S. Senators, Higher Education Leaders to Discuss Legislation, Challenges, and Innovative Solutions

Senator Barbara Mikulski minced no words in her assessment of new members of Congress who boast that they don’t have a passport. “How,” she asked, “can you do your job in government without an international education?”

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Stories from the Peace Corps: Family, Acceptance, and a Cow’s Head

May 05, 2011 | Topics: Education Abroad, Leadership

By Jody K. Olsen

When do Peace Corps Volunteers know that they really belong? When does that moment come that we look back and say: “Wow, I was just one of the kids.” Over the years, I have asked Volunteers this question, and I’ve heard in their answers that surprise and wonderment of suddenly seeing themselves absorbed into others’ lives.

Anna had been in the Dominican Republic for about a year when she went back to the States for a couple of weeks. When she said good-bye before leaving, she knew that she loved her host mom and her mom’s friends and they her, but often the women’s conversations grew quiet or ceased when Anna walked toward the gossip bench where they sat. Even her host mom became more reserved.

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