Unbuilding Walls

July 26, 2012 | Topics: Education Abroad

By Mark S. Lenhart

I started my life in study abroad as a CET Beijing student during the 1987–1988 academic year. I was determined to learn Chinese, but thanks to a grant from the Bowdoin College Visual Arts Department, I also had the opportunity to take and develop photographs. I took hundreds of photos, and a classmate and I produced an exhibit called "Unbuilding Walls" when we returned to campus the next year. One of the pictures from that show is this photo of three Chinese girls with hopeful faces. ... See More

If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?

July 19, 2012 | Topics: Advocacy and Public Policy, Education Abroad

By Jennifer Fritz

I was nervous when I walked towards room 351 BC of the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston to present at the session, “Advocacy Snapshots: From Idea to Action.” Although I had presented at two regional conferences recently, I was still a bit apprehensive. Then I stepped in front of the room, looked at the audience and saw fellow advocates. I also saw friends…friends I had never met, that were all there for the same fundamental reason I was…to advocate.... See More

Shedding More Light, Less Heat, on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

July 11, 2012 | Topics: Immigration Policy

By Heather Stewart

What are we going to do about U.S. immigration policy? That question is back in the spotlight again after a whirlwind two weeks for the issue. First, the Obama Administration announced that it would end the deportations of undocumented young people who would be eligible for relief under the DREAM Act. Then, last week, the Supreme Court struck down three of four key elements of the controversial anti-immigrant law passed in 2010 by the state of Arizona.... See More