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1992 Articles

A Business Perspective
Business, Credentialing, Globalization
Edelstein, Richard
P. 46
A Version Originale: Binghamton's Languages Across the Curriculum Initiative
Curriculum and Instruction, Language
Badger, Ellen H.
Rose, Marilyn Gaddis
Straight, H. Stephen
P. 23
After the Cold War...the Purpose of International Education: Building Community in an Interdependent World
Cold War, Curriculum and Instruction, Intercultural Competence, Internationalization
Rembert, G. Andrew
P. 44
An International People in Need of Internationalizing
Back Page Column, Immigration and Visas, Intercultural Competence, Language
Albright, Robert L.
P. 54
An Open Letter to the President-Elect
Clinton, Bill, Immigration and Visas, Political Issues, Research
Milk, Bernard
P. 5
Back in the ex-USSR: From ACTR's Man in Moscow
Former USSR, Russia
Stricker, Michael
P. 11
Behind the Trendlines: Foreign Student Policy in the '90s
Canada, Europe, France, Funding, Germany, International Student Enrollments, Public Policy, United Kingdom
Chandler, Alice
P. 28
Bess, You Is Maya Woman: On the Road with Maya Angelou
Voices of Exchange Column
P. 40
Beyond International Understanding: Whatever Happened to "Hands Across the Water?"
Globalization, Public Policy
Mueller, Sherry Lee
P. 18
Caveats: Mutuality and the Real Presence of Power
Eastern Europe, Europe, Fulbright Program, Immigration and Visas
Littman, Ulrich
P. 25
Coming to America
Voices of Exchange Column
Antikarov, Vladimir
P. 41
Czechs and Balance Sheets: The MBA Enterprise Corps
Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland
Vinal, William
P. 10
Deeds, Not Words: A Legislative and Regulatory Agenda
Immigration and Visas, Public Policy
P. 34
English Teaching in Vietnam: Hanoi Foreign Language College
English as a Foreign Language
Hung, Nguyen Ngoc
P. 21
Experts from Five Countries on the Merits and Miseries of the "Integrated Study-Abroad Experience"
Arena Column, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Scotland, United Kingdom
Durie, Alastair
Markert, Axel
de Joia, Bobby
Gottlieb, Niels
Yang, Caroline Manano
P. 10
Fifty Thousand Russians Should See This Country in the Next Year
Cultural Exchange, Former USSR
Billington, James
P. 26
From Princeton to Pretoria: Stalled in Soweto
South Africa
Easum, Donald B.
P. 32
Global Professional Licensure in Engineering?
Credentialing, Engineering, Engineering Education, Globalization, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
Reyes-Guerra, David
P. 46
Hear, Hear! But Let's Keep Our Eye on the Practical!
Eastern Europe, Europe
Arndt, Richard T.
P. 27
Hobson's Choice: How Can International Educational Exchange Best Serve the National Interest?
Arena Column, Former USSR, Fulbright Program, Government Acts, International Trade, Language, National Security, Public Policy
Boren, David L.
Peterson, Norman
Fisher, Wesley A.
Muller, Steven
Arndt, Richard T.
P. 14
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Back Page Column, Degree Programs, Professional Education
Gilbert, Elon
P. 50
How Exchange Fuels the Human Rights Revolution
Globalization, Human Rights
Richardson, John
P. 22
Italian Memories
Voices of Exchange Column
Glaser, Milton
P. 14
Mastering Global Interdependence
Communications Infrastructure, Globalization, Public Policy
Hamilton, John Maxwell
P. 29
NARIC: European Community Network of National Academic Recognition Centers
Credentialing, Curriculum and Instruction, Europe, Globalization
Kouwenaar, Kees
P. 40
New Paths to International Mobility in the Professions
Credentialing, Curriculum and Instruction, Globalization
Lenn, Marjorie Peace
P. 45
Oh Canada!
Peters, Tom
P. 9
Former USSR, Nicaragua, United States, Volunteerism
Shaporenko, Vladimir
Darr, Stephen
P. 37
Physical Therapists Need Mobility Too!
Credentialing, Globalization, Professional Education
Farina, Nancy T.
P. 47
Princeton University
Campus Profiles
P. 32
Private Credentials Evaluation: The American Way
Credentialing, Credentialing, Globalization
P. 44
Profile of an International Educator
International Educators, Vietnam
P. 22
Relativism Is All Relative: Portrait from Life
International Educators
P. 13
Singing Our Song
Government Acts, Language, National Security
Milk, Benjamin
P. 4
Spy vs. Spy
Education Abroad, Quality Issues
Jerde, Chris
P. 9
Teaching English in Vietnam: An American Experience
English as a Foreign Language, Vietnam
Fox, Diane
P. 18
The Challenge for America's World Universities
Back Page Column, Curriculum and Instruction, United States
Schmidt, Benno L., Jr.
P. 53
The Mutual Recognition of Degrees: Faultlines in the Global Village
Credentialing, Curriculum and Instruction, Globalization
Duval, Jeanne-Marie
P. 36
The National Council for the Evaluation of Foreign Educational Credentials
Credentialing, Curriculum and Instruction, Globalization
P. 42
The Search for Mutual Accommodation in the Recognition of European and American Academic Qualifications
Credentialing, Curriculum and Instruction, Globalization
Fletcher, Ann
Aldrich, Caroline
Kennedy, Steven B.
P. 38
Too Many Cooks? Policy Coherence and Flows of International Students and Scholars to the United States
International Student (s), Immigration and Visas, International Scholars, Student Mobility, United States
Treacy, Lisa Jacobson
P. 32
TRACE (Trans-Regional Academic Mobility and Credential Evaluation)
Credentialing, Credentialing, Curriculum and Instruction, Globalization, Student Mobility
P. 41
Two 1993 Conferences to Treat the Globalization of the Professions
P. 47
Who's on First? IREX Exchanges in the New Eastern Europe and Former Soviet Union
Eastern Europe, Europe, Former USSR
Robertson, Ann E.
P. 11