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1993 Articles

The University of Texas at El Paso
Campus Profiles
P. 24
St. Olaf College
Campus Profiles
P. 24
New Head for EAIE
P. 6
International Survey Finds Business Schools Lagging in Global Studies
Business Education
P. 8
Duke University
Campus Profiles, Campus Profiles, Simon, Paul Senator Award for Campus Internationalization, Simon, Paul Senator Award for Campus Internationalization
P. 24
Clinton Endorses Personal Exchanges at Close of Vancouver Summit
Clinton, Bill
P. 5
Ball State University
Campus Profiles
P. 24
AMIDEAST Opens for Business in Kuwait, Bahrain
Bahrain, Kuwait, Middle East
P. 7
The New Trilateralism
Collaborative Programs
P. 14
Russia/Eurasia Awards Program (REAP) Funds 158 Students for 1993-94 Academic Year
Funding, Russia
P. 10
Leadership by Example: What Are the Europeans Doing?
Collaborative Programs, Europe, Leadership, Student Mobility
P. 34
Jurassic Parliament: A Furor Over Fulbrights
Europe, Fulbright Program
P. 4
Cool Observings
P. 5
All the World's a Stage: The Feydeau of Morgan State
Foreign Language
P. 3
Accreditation in Europe: Toward a Benchmark for European Education
Accreditation, Europe
P. 7
REAPing As We Sow: A Harvest of Students from the NIS: U.S. Educational Advising Centers Find a Ready Market
International Student and Scholar Advisers, Voices of Exchange Column
Ballow, Barry
P. 10
All at Sea: A Fulbright Voyage on the Baltic
Fulbright Program
Bedrosian, Alex
P. 5
Nostalgia for the Cold War?
Cold War, United States
Bird, Kai
P. 15
Educating by Example: Educating By Exchange
Former USSR, Government Acts, Russia
Bradley, Bill
P. 20
Immigration Adviser, Shelter Volunteer
International Student and Scholar Advisers, Women's Issues
Brooke, Maggie
P. 38
Halfway There? We Crossed the Bridge Long Ago!
Faculty, Immigration and Visas, Political Asylees and Refugees, Student Characteristics
Byrd, Pat
P. 18
Why Internationalize? Why Now?
Curriculum and Instruction, Globalization, Internationalization
Carroll, Bill
P. 15
Fighting Back with the Soft Stuff
Communism, Russia
Collins, Naomi F.
P. 2
Two for the Hall of Fame: Bill Bradley and George Soros Have Changed the Direction of International Education in the United States
Public Policy
Davidson, Dan E.
P. 2
Breaking Down Trade Barriers Is Not Enough: The Converging Aspirations of Three Nations
Canada, Collaborative Programs, International Trade, Mexico, United States
Duffey, Joseph D.
P. 12
Surveying a Closed Society: Looking Back through Opened Doors
Collaborative Programs, Former USSR, Research
Fisher, Wesley A.
P. 22
Halfway There: A View from the Bridge: A Model for Internationalizing
Curriculum and Instruction, Globalization, Intercultural Competence, Internationalization
Harari, Maurice
Reiff, Richard F.
P. 16
Russia: Educating a New Generation
Quality Issues, Russia
Hochhauser, Gail A.
Ansari, Aimee
P. 19
St. Olaf College's Study Abroad Program for Underrepresented Students...and Administrators
Access to Education, Administrators
Jenkins, Karen
P. 24
Vive La Difference: Evaluating Made-in-France MBAs
Business Education, Degree Programs, France, Graduate Education, Graduate Education
Joyce, Romy
P. 7
The ABCs of French MBAs
Degree Programs, France, Graduate Education, Graduate Education
Joyce, Romy
P. 8
The Role of the English Language in Our Developing World
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), English as a Foreign Language, Globalization, Language, Math and Science Education
Kaplan, Robert B.
P. 16
Passing Permitted: Two-way Traffic in Migration for Education
Immigration and Visas, International Student Enrollments, Student Mobility
Light, Timothy
P. 28
AMIDEAST Inaugurates American Language Institute of Kuwait (ALIK)
Kuwait, Middle East
Mage, Tom
P. 7
The Sword Was Mightier Than the Pen: Was the Cold War Good for Guinea-Bissau?
Cold War, Guinea-Bissau
McGuire, Harriet
P. 34
Media for the Masses in the New Russia
Media, Russia
Mickiewicz, Ellen
P. 26
Secret Agents: Fulbright Faculty Return
Curriculum and Instruction, Fulbright Program, Internationalization
Olsen, Jody K.
Blodgett, Steven A.
P. 20
The New China Syndrome: Delayed Return as an Alternative to Brain Drain
Brain Drain/Gain, China, Immigration and Visas
Pedersen, Paul
P. 31
Five Case Studies in Internationalization
Curriculum and Instruction
Pitman, Kathy
Jenkins, Karen
Hoilman, Dona
Sullivan, John
P. 24
Speaking for Themselves: NIS Students on Life in America
International Student (s), Voices of Exchange Column
Podzolka, Andrew
Yusakev, Timur
Iliachevskij, Alexei
Sidorkin, Alexander
Lankina, Tomila
P. 11
Degrees of Difference: Russian Higher Education in Time of Change
Credentialing, Higher Education, Russia
Popovych, Erika I.
P. 29
On the Rhodes with the British Council...
United Kingdom
Ratcliffe, Robert
P. 6
Across the Bering Straits: Alaska and Yakutsk Come in from the Cold War
Back Page Column, Cold War, Collaborative Programs, Russia
Rawson, Timothy
P. 43
A Real Revolution for the Children of the Boom
Baby Boom, Back Page Column, Intercultural Competence
Relic, Peter D.
P. 48
The Most Visible Element of U.S. Citizens of the NIS
Collaborative Programs
Schulze, Matthew
P. 32
International Student Stress: Coping with Domestic Violence and Abuse
Intercultural Competence, International Student and Scholar Advisers, Women's Issues
Smart, William H.
P. 36
Moscow with Tears? CIEE in Russia: New Students, New Goals, New Risks
Cold War, Russia, Security and Safety Issues
Smith, Damon B.
Pilch, Janice T.
P. 23
Yonsei University
Campus Profiles, Internationalization, Korea
Sullivan, John
P. 24
Internationalized Since 1914: The University of Texas at El Paso
Interviews, Mexico
Sullivan, John
P. 24
Campus Internationalization
Sullivan, John
P. 24
Bridging the Tranquility Gap: Learning Through Service
Back Page Column, Service Learning, Volunteerism
Tonkin, Humphrey
P. 47
Push and Pull: A Chinese Scholar Reflects on Reentry
China, Immigration and Visas, Reentry Process
Wang, Zhu
P. 34
Maoris, Marriage, Malaysia: The Fulbright Difference
Fulbright Program, Malaysia, Voices of Exchange Column
Winks, Robin W.
P. 40
Gender, Culture, Power
International Student and Scholar Advisers, Women's Issues
Wood, Melinda
P. 38
True or False: The New J-Visa Regulations Will Promote International Educational and Cultural Exchange
Access to Education, Arena Column, Immigration and Visas, Public Policy
Yenkin, Amy
Kennedy, Steven B.
Mora, Alberto
Egle, Jack
Martin, Mary Cay
Sprinkle, Robert M.
P. 9