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Articles tagged Economic Development

Winter 2003
The Internationalized Campus: A Strategic Approach
Curriculum and Instruction, Economic Development, Internationalization, Leadership, Public Diplomacy, Quality Issues, Research, Security and Safety Issues, Strategic Planning
Green, Madeleine F.
P. 13
Fall 2003
Afghanistan's Challenge: Rebuilding Education
Afghanistan, Credentialing, Economic Development, Education Abroad, Educational System, Intercultural Competence, Scholar Exchanges, Social Change, Women's Issues
McKown, Ted R., II
P. 10
Fall 2003
Hong Kong's New Postsecondary Education Marketplace
Community Colleges, Degree Programs, Economic Development, Hong Kong
Shive, Glenn
P. 32
Spring 2004
Finding a Secure Path to a Global Workforce
Baby Boom Echo Generation, Business, Economic Development, Global Workforce Development, Security and Safety Issues, 1307 New York Avenue Column
Kirwan, William
P. 3
Spring 2004
Education and Business: It Takes Two to Tango
Business, Economic Development, English, Global Workforce Development, Knowledge Economy
Woolf, Michael
P. 33
Spring 2004
An Economic Development Perspective on Education Abroad
Economic Development, Education Abroad, Immigration and Visas, Knowledge Economy
Conway, Carol
P. 34
May/Jun 2005
Brain Gain, Not Drain, Fosters Global Development and Security
Africa, Asia, Brain Drain/Gain, Economic Development, International Student Recruitment, Public Policy, Security and Safety Issues
Dassin, Joan
P. 20
Nov/Dec 2005
India: A World-Class Country Without World-Class Higher Education
Across Cultures Column, Economic Development, India
Altbach, Philip G.
P. 14
Jul/Aug 2006
Community College Development in Asia: The New Economic Imperative
Asia, Community Colleges, Economic Development, Forum Column
Farnsworth, Kent
Cissell, Allen
P. 60
Sep/Oct 2006
Developing Education in Developing Nations: An Interview with Jamil Salmi
Developing Countries, Economic Development, Interviews, Voices Column
Loveland, Elaina
P. 18
Mar/Apr 2007
Developing Opportunity in the Middle East
Africa, Developing Regions Series, Economic Development, Egypt, Global Workforce Development, Global Workforce Development, Jordan, Middle East, Religion, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Women's Issues
Wilkie, Dana
P. 32
Mar/Apr 2007
Local Goes Global
Community Colleges, Developing Countries, Economic Development, Global Citizenship, Internationalization
Connell, Christopher
P. 48
May/Jun 2007
Go Exotica? Education Abroad to Nontraditional Locations
Economic Development, Education Abroad, Forum Column, Funding, Global Citizenship, Intercultural Competence, Language, Security and Safety Issues
Ferst, Stephen
P. 75
Nov/Dec 2007
New Dimensions of a Kazak-U.S. Partnership
Across Cultures Column, Economic Development, Endowments, International Development, Kazakhstan
Bilyalov, Darkhan
Streitwieser, Bernhard
P. 14
Nov/Dec 2007
Mastering International Development
Economic Development, International Development, Leadership Development
Dessoff, Alan
P. 22
Mar/Apr 2008
Designing an Interdisciplinary Short-Term Program in China
Business Education, China, Curriculum and Instruction, Economic Development, Education Abroad, Education Abroad Column, Interdisciplinary Education, Short-Term Programs
McLaughlin, Jacqueline S.
Tzafaras, Nikolaos
McCollough, John
P. 65
May/Jun 2009
Empowering the Poor: An Interview with Muhammad Yunus
Bangladesh, Business, Economic Development, Interviews, Nobel Peace Prize, Voices Column
Loveland, Elaina
P. 28
Jul/Aug 2012
Asia's Burgeoning Higher Education Hubs
Asia, China, Competitiveness, Economic Development, Educational System, Higher Education, Internationalization, Korea, Malaysia, Public Policy, Singapore, University Partnerships
Dessoff, Alan
P. 16
Jan/Feb 2013
Regional Globalism and International Higher Education in Asia
Asia, China, Collaborative Programs, Economic Development, Forum Column, Globalization, Higher Education, Quality Issues
Wu, Yenbo
P. 60
Mar/Apr 2013
Competing for Citizens
Asia, Brain Drain/Gain, Business, Competitiveness, Developing Countries, Economic Development, Employment Issues, Front Lines Column, Immigration and Visas, India, International Student Employment, Korea, International Student (s)
Anderson, Stuart
P. 4
May/Jun 2013
A Champion for Development, Security, and Human Rights: An Interview with Kofi Annan
Economic Development, Human Rights, Interviews, Public Diplomacy, United Nations, Voices Column
Loveland, Elaina
P. 24