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Articles tagged Voices of Exchange Column

Spring 2000
Crossing the Atlantic to Learn: A Century of Swedish-American Exchange
Sweden, Voices of Exchange Column
Tranaeus, Niklas
P. 12
Spring 2000
Rebuilding a Civil Society in Cambodia: The Role of Education
Cambodia, Public Diplomacy, Voices of Exchange Column
Ashwill, Mark A.
P. 6
Fall 2000
African Diary
Africa, Intercultural Competence, Kenya, Voices of Exchange Column
Penhale, Sara J.
Winkler, Allan M.
P. 10
Fall 2000
Academic Expectations and Adjustment of Russian Students
Academic Performance, English as a Foreign Language, Intercultural Competence, International Student and Scholar Advisers, Russia, Voices of Exchange Column
Efimova, Irina
Gillis, Scott
P. 6
Winter 2001
Lessons from London
Education Abroad Advisers, England, English, Intercultural Competence, Security and Safety Issues, Student Orientation, Voices of Exchange Column
Ritchey, David
P. 5
Winter 2001
International Internship Exchange: Using Existing Resources
Intercultural Competence, Internships Abroad, Voices of Exchange Column
Van Hoof, Hubert B.
P. 7
Summer 2001
A Better Life?
China, Immigration and Visas, Intercultural Competence, Voices of Exchange Column, Women's Issues
Guy, Zoe E.
P. 4
Winter 2002
Knowing Who We Are
National Security, Public Diplomacy, Security and Safety Issues, September 11 Terrorist Attacks, Voices of Exchange Column
Larsen, David
P. 11
Winter 2002
Guidelines in a Time of Fear and Doubt: How NAFSA's Code of Ethics Can Help Us Reflect on September 11
Ethics, Law and Legal Issues, Security and Safety Issues, September 11 Terrorist Attacks, Student Rights, Voices of Exchange Column
Ericksen, Bob
P. 9
Spring 2002
An Education for Them, a Bargain for Us
Education Abroad, Education Abroad, Fulbright Program, Immigration and Visas, Lebanon, September 11 Terrorist Attacks, Voices of Exchange Column
Kerr, Ann Zwicker
P. 6
Fall 2002
Adventures on Two Wheels: International Exchange via Bicycle
Leadership Development, Social Change, Voices of Exchange Column
Nithy, S. R.
P. 6
Fall 2002
Privacy and Academic Advising: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
International Student and Scholar Advisers, Privacy Issues, United Arab Emirates, Voices of Exchange Column
Al-Issa, Ahmad
Dahan, Laila S.
P. 8
Fall 2002
Defining the Role of the International Education Specialist: A View from Japan
English as a Foreign Language, International Student and Scholar Advisers, Japan, Short-Term Programs, Voices of Exchange Column
Tsuneyoshi, Ryoko
P. 9