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The Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Knowledge Community Award for Innovative Research and Scholarship in Internationalization, established in 2010, honored those who have made substantial contributions to theoretical and practical questions that can be applied across the content areas of several NAFSA Knowledge Communities and thus to comprehensive internationalization on our campuses and more broadly. The award focused on path-breaking work that has asked innovative questions about how we think, teach, advise, and learn.

2012 Recipient

Dr. Bruce La BrackDr. Bruce La Brack
Professor Emeritus, University of the Pacific

Dr. Bruce La Brack, a cultural anthropologist and South Asian specialist, is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and International Studies at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California. During his career he has traveled to more than 85 countries, and has conducted research in India, England, Uganda, Japan, and the United States. He founded Pacific's innovative and integrated orientation and reentry programs for study abroad, and administered them for more than three decades. He also served as director of the Pacific Institute for Cross Cultural Training and chair of the master of arts in intercultural relations program.

La Brack is the primary author and editor of the U.S. Department of Education-funded Web site "What's Up With Culture?", a free Internet resource for preparing U.S. American study abroad students going to and returning from an international educational experience. He has published extensively on cultural adjustment issues, and frequently consults and trains in academic and corporate contexts on cultural competency topics related to international educational exchange and cross-cultural training. For a decade he was the training editor for the International Journal of Intercultural Relations, and he is a senior faculty member at the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication. Recent training activities have included pre-reentry programs for Saudi students in North America, creating culture-learning scenarios for the military, and offering workshops promoting cultural competency for science students working in international laboratories and with culturally diverse research teams abroad.

2010 Recipient

MestenhauserJosef A. Mestenhauser
Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota

Professor Mestenhauser was a driving force that led to the creation of the TLS Knowledge Community. He is also the author of over 120 publications on international education spanning over six decades, including recent work on the relationship between internationalization, the academic disciplines, and critical thinking.

At the University of Minnesota, he served in numerous positions, including as professor and mentor of graduate students in the Department of Educational Policy and Administration, College of Education and Human Development. He has been honored with many previous awards including NAFSA's Marita Houlihan Award for Distinguished Contributions to the Field of International Education. In 2009, Prof. Mestenhauser delivered several new lectures, including the inaugural "Josef A. Mestenhauser Lecture on Internationalizing Higher Education" at the University of Minnesota.

Prof. Mestenhauser accepted the inaugural award at the TLS Update Meeting during the 2010 NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo. In his acceptance speech, he spoke about the state of research in international education. Calling for a "cognitive revolution," he said that the field is missing a golden opportunity to study the exchange of people and ideas in the 21st century. He emphasized the field's complexity, the challenge of tracking major trends, and the confusion over interdisciplinary thinking. In the spirit of John F. Kennedy, Prof. Mestenhauser asked us "not how we feel about the world," but how we know, what we know, and why we know.

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