Renowned Science Educator and TV Personality Bill Nye to Speak at NAFSA 2018 International Education Conference in Philadelphia




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Washington, February 13, 2018 – Bill Nye, best known as the television personality from the popular PBS series Bill Nye the Science Guy, will speak at the 2018 NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a scientist, best-selling author and inventor, Nye continues his mission to help people everywhere understand and value the importance of science in our world. He will address the conference on Wednesday, May 30.

Nye is a widely recognized and respected advocate for science, and his television series Bill Nye the Science Guy became one of the most-watched educational shows in the United States. Currently, he hosts Bill Nye Saves the World on Netflix, an original series focusing on exploring scientific issues that touch all our lives.

As an ambassador for science education, Nye travels across the country, working with multiple schools and education organizations and committees. He is also a passionate advocate for the important role education plays in increasing scientific literacy and raising the living standards of women and girls across the world. He frequently speaks out on the issue of climate change and the value of critical thinking and reasoning in today’s world. Nye serves as the chief executive officer of The Planetary Society, a nonprofit organization focused on space education and exploration.

“International educators are committed to ensuring all students have the tools to think critically about the world around them and the encouragement to reach their truest potential,” stated Esther D. Brimmer, NAFSA Executive Director and CEO. “Bill Nye is not only a strong advocate for science and reasoning but also a beloved educational figure for many. I am confident his insights and experiences will prove inspiring and motivating for our members.”

Nye is a New York Times best-selling author of multiple books, including Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation, Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World and the recently published Everything All at Once: How to Unleash Your Inner Nerd, Tap into Radical Curiosity, and Solve Any Problem. He holds a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University.

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