Career Center Call for Proposals at NAFSA 2019


The NAFSA Career Center invites you to submit a session proposal for the NAFSA 2019 Annual Conference & Expos in Washington, D.C. The NAFSA Career Center provides education, support, networking and engagement to international educators during all phases of their careers to become the best qualified professionals in the field. Learn more about submitting a proposal.

The deadline for Career Center proposals was December 15, 2018.

Focus Areas

The 2019 theme encourages reflection on the current state of the field and on how to work through the changes and challenges faced by our profession. The NAFSA Career Center welcomes proposals related to NAFSA’s cross-cutting International Education Professional Competencies with a special interest in the following content focus areas:

Communication with Stakeholders

  • Communicating effectively, orally and in writing, with upper-level administration or the board
  • Discerning institutional decision-making processes, power structures, both formal and informal
  • Develop short and long-term strategic plans that connect your staff’s daily work to the mission of the office

Financial Stewardship

  • Analyzing financial data for budget and funding polices for year-round fiscal management
  • Formulating processes and procedures for revenue generation and preparing for unforeseen economic circumstances
  • Preparing and presenting financial data to demonstrate value proposition and advocate for additional resources

Leadership Development

  • Applying leadership models and practices to gain awareness of opportunities for growth and reflection
  • How to successfully transition into a leadership role by increasing emotional intelligence and situational awareness
  • Navigating mid-career development by elevating your subject matter expertise

Human Resources and Management

  • Assessing professional development and training needs to meet the high-volume demands of a busy office
  • Developing proactive measures to control situations that often overwhelm staff and undermine day-to-day operations

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

  • Role-modeling behaviors that value multiple perspectives and the unique traits and characteristics of each person
  • Creating a positive workplace culture through engagement and retention of diverse talent

Career Transitions

  • Succession planning prior to leaving your current role or transitioning to the next phase of your career or retirement
  • Finding balance between personal and professional life and practicing self-care
  • Mentally and financially preparing for the second-half of your career or retirement

Preparing for a Career in International Education

  • Model practices for conducting informational interviews, networking, mentoring, and seeking internship and fellowship opportunities
  • Building a professional reputation that is consistent with your personal goals in international education